Apr 25, 2016

Vultr's Reserved IPs add an array of features to make your cloud environment more robust than ever before. With this functionality, you can now allocate specific IPs to your account and move them between cloud servers or reserve them when instances are destroyed.

Improve Control - Instead of utilizing randomly assigned public addresses, you can now deploy cloud servers with designated IPs from your reserved pool. Plus, you can also terminate cloud instances that are no longer used and still keep their public IPs linked to your account.

Simplify Upgrades - Make the upgrade process on your cloud server safer and more robust -- for operating systems, applications, databases, etc -- by creating new duplicate cloud server instances and moving traffic only after the new environment is tested and confirmed production ready.

Increase Redundancy - It is true that the Vultr platform is inherently designed for stability and high uptime. You can now take your environment redundancy to the next level by creating high availability clusters utilizing standby cloud servers with IP failover, eliminating any single points of failure in your application.

And more - get started by visiting https://my.vultr.com/ips/