Vultr Proudly Sponsors AI & Big Data Expo 2024
Jun 12, 2024

Vultr was thrilled to sponsor AI & Big Data Expo 2024, the premier event for enterprise AI, machine learning, security, ethical AI, deep learning, data ecosystems, and natural language processing.

The AI & Big Data Expo was a must-attend event for ambitious enterprise technology professionals. It provided a platform to explore the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies driving businesses forward. Vultr was proud to showcase three of our partners and to see two of our team members speak on conference panels.

Panel discussion: Navigating the data & AI landscape

Check out Vultr's Senior Vice President of Engineering, Nathan Goulding, in this insightful panel discussion on navigating the data & AI landscape. Nathan shared expert perspectives on ensuring safety, security, and responsibility in big data and AI systems.

Panel discussion: Opportunities and challenges in the AI era

This panel discussion featured valuable insights from Duncan Ng, Vultr’s Global Head of Solutions Engineering. Duncan addressed the evolving AI landscape and how organizations can leverage AI for strategic advantage while managing associated risks.

CodeConductor.AI: Rapid app generation and deployment on Vultr

Paul Dhaliwal, founder of CodeConductor.AI, showed how they transform concepts into entirely generated apps in less than 20 minutes, seamlessly deployed on Vultr's robust cloud infrastructure. Learn firsthand how it accelerates the journey from idea to implementation:

HEAVY.AI utilizes NVIDIA's GH200 GPU on Vultr's cloud

HEAVY.AI’s VP of Solutions Engineering, Mike Waldrop, showed how his team utilizes NVIDIA's GH200 GPU on Vultr's Cloud, revolutionizing real-time data visualization and analytics. Handling over 10.8 billion records, Mike showcased the immense potential of combining cutting-edge hardware with Vultr's scalable cloud solutions.

Vultr and Qdrant: AI and ML workloads integration

Vultr's robust cloud infrastructure and Qdrant's leading-edge vector database were designed to handle AI and ML workloads. Quadrant’s Director of Developer Relations, David Myriel, showed conference attendees how this integration provides seamless, scalable, and efficient solutions for businesses looking to enhance their AI capabilities.

The Vultr team thoroughly enjoyed AI & Big Data Expo 2024. It was an incredible experience to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and technology enthusiasts. We look forward to attending again next year to continue exploring the latest advancements and trends in AI and big data.