Vultr Announces Reduced Bandwidth Pricing, 2 TB of Free Monthly Egress, Free Ingress, and Global Pooling
Nov 30, 2022

Today we announced our new global bandwidth pricing plan. These changes will make high performance cloud computing even more accessible and affordable for users around the world. Here are the highlights:

  • Every Vultr customer will now receive two terabytes (2 TB) of free outbound data transfer every month, in addition to the transfer included with each subscription.
  • Data ingress will now be free.
  • All customers will receive global account-level pooling of transfer across all instances and locations.
  • Vultr will now offer a reduced, single worldwide egress overage rate of only $0.01 per GB.

Consistent with Vultr’s existing published policy, all bandwidth allocations will accrue hourly over the course of each month.

At a time when many cloud computing providers have chosen to raise prices, Vultr is reducing bandwidth prices. Vultr is committed to providing businesses and developers around the world with the best price-to-performance of any cloud computing platform. We seek to achieve this in part by opening new cloud data center locations in more places around the world, bringing affordable, high performance cloud computing closer to more businesses and people. We also relentlessly focus on delivering increasing value to our customers and simplifying their cloud experience. It is in that spirit that today we are radically enhancing our pricing model to make bandwidth consumption simpler for developers, IT operations, and finance teams worldwide.

One of the most significant challenges faced by cloud computing users is unnecessary complexity, cost, and billing unpredictability. IT teams are tasked with driving operational efficiency, accelerating digital innovation, and managing existing infrastructure and applications all while facing tightening budgets. Billing surprises due to unforeseen costs and bandwidth overage charges can have a budget-busting impact on IT planning and investment. At Vultr, we believe that traditional cloud computing pricing is too complex, loaded with unnecessary charges, and designed to be difficult to control. We understand why that model doesn’t work for most users, and we’ve made our own pricing plans even simpler and more predictable.

Simpler for the Developer
For the developer, Vultr’s goal is to help you get started as quickly as possible with build, test, and deployment of your digital workloads. It’s for this reason that we continuously innovate to ensure we can rapidly deploy new cloud instances of any type, in any configuration, in any location, in as little as 60 seconds. Whether it’s Cloud Compute, Cloud GPU, Cloud Storage, Bare Metal, Kubernetes, Managed Databases, or any of the third-party services available in our Marketplace, Vultr’s flexibility and simplicity helps developers get the cloud computing resources they need in the most efficient way possible.

To provide greater flexibility, simplicity, and value for developers, we now proudly announce two terabytes (2 TB) of free monthly outbound data transfer and free inbound data transfer for every Vultr customer. Developers tasked with efficiently designing, building, and launching new digital products and services, for the majority of basic cloud workloads, can now fearlessly rely on low, simple, predictable bandwidth pricing.

Simpler for IT Ops
For IT Ops, Vultr’s goal is to provide the simplest platform for scaling globally. For this reason, we not only consistently open more new cloud data center locations than any other independent cloud computing company, but we also maintain a simple, single price per instance in almost every location. Scaling global operations has never been easier, since variability of worldwide customer demand for your digital products and services doesn’t need to create volatility in your cloud computing costs.

Now, we are bringing the same predictability to bandwidth. Today, we are announcing global bandwidth pooling to help IT Ops teams minimize volatility in monthly bandwidth billing charges from fluctuating global usage. The free bandwidth bundled with your cloud instances will now be aggregated across all of your instances globally, and pooled bandwidth can be used anywhere globally. Egress overage will now be available at a reduced, single worldwide rate of only $0.01 per GB. Simplified global bandwidth pricing and pooling are critical for IT Ops teams to most efficiently manage cost and billing variability in their increasingly complex and global deployments.

Simpler for Finance
For Finance teams, our goal is to make billing simple and to eliminate surprises and risks. The biggest driver of traditional cloud billing surprises is variable rate bandwidth overage charges. It’s the not-so-hidden tax of the hyperscalers – and it’s at odds with successful planning and your bottom line.

Today, we’re eliminating that risk and delivering a new model to better meet the needs of Finance teams. To simplify billing, we are introducing a single global bandwidth overage rate of $0.01 per GB, available across the largest global footprint of any independent cloud computing company. No more variable charges. No more excessive fees. Now, Vultr offers a simple, flat global rate for egress data transfer, with global pooling across all of your instances, and free ingress. Budgeting and performance against plan is now easier than ever, with no hyperscaler bandwidth tax or billing surprises, and no compromises needed on global reach.

Simple, Transparent, Predictable Pricing
At Vultr, we believe simplicity matters. And when it comes to pricing, simplicity means costs should be transparent and predictable.

Particularly at a time when cloud computing budgets are being pressured around the world, we are proud to announce our latest contribution to simplicity, transparency, and predictability through our new bandwidth pricing plan which takes effect on January 1, 2023. We look forward to helping simplify your cloud experience, and to delivering you unrivaled ease of use, price-to-performance, and global reach.

For more information on the new pricing plan, please read today’s press release.