Unlock the Power of the Cloud with Vultr Marketplace
Jul 10, 2024

Hyperscalers have built a walled garden of bespoke services in today's digital landscape. They offer everything within a unified control panel, fully compatible with the cloud provider's software.

However, this convenience often comes at a cost: vendor lock-in. As your workloads and systems grow, migrating them can become increasingly difficult if terms or prices change. This vulnerability can lead to unexpected price hikes and unfavorable contract terms.

Enter Vultr, the Composable Cloud

Vultr disrupts this model with its upfront, transparent utility pricing and a design that prioritizes flexibility. With Vultr, you can build your cloud stack without fearing lock-in. Vultr integrates tools from partners and vendors like Qdrant, Docker, and cPanel. This provides the capabilities of hyperscale clouds while ensuring you retain control over your infrastructure.

Embrace flexibility with the Vultr Cloud Alliance

The Vultr Cloud Alliance is a robust partnership ecosystem of top-tier IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers. This alliance allows Vultr customers to assemble enterprise-grade cloud operations without the associated cost, complexity, and lock-in of traditional hyperscaler providers. The Vultr Cloud Alliance offers best-in-class solutions for numerous typical cloud workloads, allowing you to choose the best tools for your needs.

Explore the Vultr Marketplace

The Vultr Marketplace is a treasure trove of solutions from across the software spectrum, ranging from databases and operating systems to development tools and complete software stacks. This ecosystem of third-party technologies and open-source projects enables scale innovation beyond what any single organization can achieve alone. The Vultr Marketplace ensures your cloud investment is future-proof and minimizes the potential for vendor lock-in.

Key features of Vultr Marketplace:

  • Diverse software solutions: Here, you can find images for databases, operating systems, dev tools, and more, carefully reviewed for compatibility and compliance with the Vultr platform.
  • Simplified licensing: Licenses are managed directly through the platform, and costs are bundled into monthly charges for simplicity.
  • One-click deploys: Easily deploy and connect new software with just a single click.

We'll feature new marketplace images in the upcoming months to showcase Vultr's cloud platform's extensive capabilities. We are excited to highlight some of the many powerful tools you can access through the Vultr Marketplace.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the best in cloud technology, ensuring you have the flexibility, freedom, and innovation you need to succeed in today's dynamic digital environment.