The Future of Data-Driven Innovation in Manufacturing
Jun 04, 2024

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation fueled by data. High-fidelity simulations, AI-driven insights, and advanced materials analysis require sophisticated solutions. DDN and Vultr's partnership brings cutting-edge cloud storage and computational capabilities to the forefront, redefining manufacturing operations.

DDN: The power of advanced storage

High-fidelity simulations

Modern simulations need immense computational power. DDN's parallel data storage environments support thousands of cores and handle data-heavy applications with solutions like the AI400X2 all-flash NVMe systems. These storage systems ensure that you are getting the most out of your GPUs for the fastest application results.

AI and Machine Learning

DDN's A³I storage solutions optimize AI and machine learning applications, enhancing deep learning workflows and speeding up design cycles. With AI demanding more data and faster processing, DDN ensures that both are handled with efficiency to maximize cloud utilization.

Vultr: Expanding computational strength

Smart factories

Real-time data analytics and adaptive manufacturing techniques in smart factories lead to more competent factory floor management. This results in more efficient operations and the ability to adapt quickly to changing production needs. Vultr's computational power enables these factories to perform complex analyses on the fly, ensuring that every aspect of the production process is optimized with minimal waste.

Automotive manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing benefits significantly from Vultr's computational strength. It accelerates the design and simulation of automotive components, reducing production cycles and fostering innovation. This allows manufacturers to bring new products to market faster and respond more swiftly to changes in consumer demand or regulatory requirements.


In robotics, complex computations and real-time adjustments are paramount. Vultr's GPUs, powered by NVIDIA, provide the necessary computational power, while DDN's storage solutions ensure seamless data management. This combination boosts the development and operation of manufacturing robots, enabling them to perform tasks with greater precision and reliability.

Supply chain

Supply chain optimization is another area where Vultr's computational capabilities shine. Enhanced data analysis and forecasting improve logistics, ensuring efficient resource management and reducing operational costs. This allows manufacturers to streamline their supply chains, reducing delays and improving overall efficiency.

Product design and testing

The combination of DDN's high-performance storage and Vultr's computational resources also enhances product design and testing. Rapid prototyping and testing have become more efficient, reducing the time needed to market new products. This speeds up innovation and improves the quality and reliability of the developed products.

A manufacturing partnership for the future

The DDN and Vultr collaboration integrates DDN's zero-bottleneck parallel data paths with Vultr's powerful cloud GPU capabilities powered by NVIDIA. This collaboration enhances data workflows, accelerates AI model training, and optimizes manufacturing operations.

This partnership ensures that manufacturing companies can confidently tackle data-intensive workloads by offering robust data management, including backup and migration across hybrid environments, and augmenting AI processing with GPU resources.

DDN and Vultr provide the infrastructure and tools for a data-driven manufacturing future, driving advancements and ensuring efficient, innovative operations.