Navigating the Cloud: Why Vultr Stands Out in a Sea of Options
Jun 13, 2024

Your digital projects mean everything to you. You need them to work – and that means high-performance, top-quality infrastructure you can trust. For many developers and small and medium-sized businesses, cloud infrastructure is attractive for its flexibility and scalability, but it can have its downsides, including lock-in with steep challenges for migration. You need to get it right the first time.

The rise of alternatives

Fortunately, it's possible to get high-performance infrastructure without breaking the bank. Among hyperscaler alternatives, Vultr stands out for our expansive global reach and cost-effective offerings.

DigitalOcean offers a similar set of products, however, regarding global footprint and performance, we emerge as the clear winner

Vultr's global footprint

With 32 cloud data center locations worldwide, Vultr boasts a global presence that spans six continents, reaching 90% of the world's population in 2-40ms. In contrast, DigitalOcean's 14 data centers are concentrated in just nine international locations, limiting its reach and potentially increasing service latency outside Europe and North America.

Benefits of Vultr's global network

Vultr's extensive global network offers numerous benefits. Lower latency ensures that applications perform optimally for users worldwide, while data residency options ensure that data doesn't cross borders and enable compliance with regional privacy and data protection laws.

Our localized AI/ML training and deployment capabilities also empower businesses and developers to leverage local data while accessing globally distributed resources. You can also train your models in one country and then deploy them in another for maximum data control and compliance – all features not offered by DigitalOcean.

Differentiating factors: Segmented control and bandwidth pooling

Vultr's segmented control and bandwidth pooling further differentiate it from competitors like DigitalOcean. With Vultr, distributed teams and users can be restricted from managing certain instances, providing greater security and control over IT resources. Additionally, unlike DigitalOcean's segmented approach that pools bandwidth by instance type, our pooled bandwidth covers everything, ensuring simple and predictable charges.

Why choose Vultr?

For businesses and developers that demand high-performance infrastructure coupled with global scalability and control, Vultr emerges as the preferred choice. Our expansive footprint, robust tools for managing global IT requirements, and industry-oriented solutions make us the ideal partner for businesses and developers looking to thrive in the global era.

When it comes to harnessing the power of the cloud for enhanced performance and scalability, Vultr offers a compelling solution. With its greater international reach, lower latency, and advanced features, we empower businesses and developers to build and grow confidently. Try Vultr with a free credit offer to learn more and start building your future in the cloud.