Mist Multi-cloud Management Platform on Vultr Marketplace
Mar 01, 2022

This is a guest post from our friends at Mist.io, provider of a multi-cloud management platform, who have launched the Mist Community Edition on Vultr Marketplace.

The Community Edition of the Mist Multi-cloud Management Platform is now available on Vultr Marketplace.

Mist Community Edition (CE) is free and open source software that allows small teams with a DIY approach to manage heterogeneous infrastructure from a single interface.

Supported features
Mist’s goal is to make multi-cloud simple.

Mist supports all popular infrastructure technologies including public clouds, private clouds, hypervisors, containers, Kubernetes, and bare metal servers. It provides a unified interface for performing common management tasks like provisioning, orchestration, monitoring, and automation. It also comes with a RESTful API so you can easily integrate it into your existing workflows.

Features include:
• Instant visibility of all available resources across clouds, grouped by tags
• Instant reporting/estimation of current infrastructure costs
• Provision new resources on any cloud including machines, volumes, networks, DNS zones, and records
• Perform lifecycle actions on existing resources, for instance: stop, start, reboot, resize, destroy, etc
• Audit logs for all actions performed through Mist or detected through continuous polling
• Upload scripts to the library, and run them on any machine while enforcing audit logging and centralized control of SSH keys
• SSH command shell to any machine from within the browser or through the CLI, enforcing audit logging and centralized control of SSH keys
• Enable monitoring on target machines to display real-time system and custom metrics and store them for long term access
• Set rules on metrics or logs that trigger notifications, webhooks, scripts or machine lifecycle actions
• Set schedules that trigger scripts or machine lifecycle actions

Technical requirements
The minimum recommended size for a Mist CE installation is 8 CPU cores, 8 GB RAM and 80 GB SSD.

However, during installation you can select Vultr instances of various capacities, based on your needs:
• 8 GB RAM for initial setup and small projects
• 16GB+ RAM for environments with medium load
• 32GB+ RAM for large production environments

Watch Mist in action
Here is a video demo of Mist.

Mist CE is free and open source software, licensed under the Apache v2.

How to install Mist CE
Go to Vultr Marketplace, initiate installation of Mist CE, and get it up and running by following these instructions.

Upgrade to Enterprise Edition
Large teams with complicated needs can upgrade to Mist Enterprise Edition (EE).

Mist EE adds the following features:
• Professional support over tickets, email, chat and video
• LDAP and Active Directory authentication
• Fine grained access control policies per team/tag/resource/action
• Governance constraints, e.g. quotas on cost per user/team, required expiration dates.
• Compare current and past costs, correlate with usage, provide right-sizing recommendations
• Upload infrastructure templates that may describe complex deployments and workflows
• Deploy and scale Kubernetes clusters on any supported cloud

Please contact Mist’s support to request an upgrade.