Introducing Vultr Managed Databases for MySQL. Toil not included.
Jul 12, 2022

If you’ve ever set up and maintained a database for your applications, you know it takes a lot of tedious and tricky work – what’s commonly called toil.

Today we’re introducing Vultr Managed Databases, starting with a Beta of our MySQL service. Secure, redundant, and highly automated, Vultr Managed Databases take the toil out of running production databases at any scale.

Databases that ‘just work’ – in 25 global locations
MySQL is the world’s most popular open source relational database, and already, many Vultr users have spent a lot of time actively managing MySQL clusters atop our cloud infrastructure.

In contrast, Vultr Managed Databases can be provisioned in minutes and work right out of the box, in all 25 locations where Vultr is available. Because Managed Databases automate many challenging aspects of database administration, you can stay focused on your app.

No terminal access required
We handle all your databases' setup and maintenance, so you can rest assured that your MySQL database is performing efficiently at all times. Vultr Managed Databases clusters feature scheduled automatic updates, full logs, and end-to-end security with encryption at rest and in transit.

Our easy-to-use control panel gives you quick access to creating new users and databases, changing SQL modes, and more without ever needing to SSH into your cluster’s underlying VMs.

Vultr Managed Databases multi-node clusters are highly-available with automated failover to replica nodes. But if things go wrong, we offer full backups of your data with point-in-time recovery.

Point-in-time recovery allows you to create a new database cluster from the latest backup or a specific date and time. Once recovered, switch your application’s configuration to connect to the new cluster with minimal downtime to your services.

Manual set-up, upgrades, patches, and backups are things of the past with Vultr Managed Databases!

Migrate with ease
Whether running your own MySQL database in a virtual machine or hosting it elsewhere, you can switch to Vultr Managed Databases with just a few clicks. Enter the credentials for your publicly accessible database, and let us handle the rest.

You can also use our migration tool for real-time replication of your primary database cluster. As long as your database permits replication, we use mysqldump to copy all data and schema continuously. That way, you can quickly switch to Vultr Managed Databases if your primary database fails.

Affordable at any scale
Vultr Managed Databases are architected to scale from the needs of an individual developer working on a startup idea, all the way to an enterprise running a sophisticated service at planet scale. And, best of all, our Managed Databases are priced to be affordable, so as you scale from a small database to a big one, you can continue using the managed service you started with.

Vultr Managed Databases run atop your choice of Vultr virtual machine types, so you can tailor your database resources to better match your application needs. Managed Databases running on Regular Performance Cloud Compute instances start at just $15 per month, and are often great for small scale web applications.

When your database requires a bit more power, we recommend your database run atop our General Purpose Optimized Cloud Compute instances. These VMs ensure your database delivers fast, consistent performance by using fully dedicated, 3rd generation AMD EPYC vCPUs. For especially large databases, create your database using Storage Optimized Cloud Compute instances.

Below you’ll see Managed Database pricing for clusters running atop Regular Performance Cloud Compute instances. For full pricing for clusters on other instance types, click here.

MySQL today, PostgreSQL and Redis coming soon
Today’s Vultr Managed Databases beta starts with MySQL. PostgreSQL and Redis are both coming in the weeks ahead.

For additional information about getting started with Vultr Managed Databases, check out our documentation. Get answers to frequently asked questions about Vultr Managed Databases here.

Provision a database cluster in just minutes for as little as $15 per month. We invite larger businesses and partners to contact us for a consultation; we’re working now to support database migrations and will have much more on that soon.