Introducing Vultr Cloud Inference
Mar 18, 2024

The fast-paced digital world demands businesses adeptly deploy AI models. Advanced computing platforms are crucial for high performance. Organizations prioritize inference spending to operationalize models yet face obstacles in optimizing for diverse regions, managing servers, and maintaining low latency. We’re proud to announce early access to Vultr Cloud Inference Beta on private reservation to meet these challenges.

Vultr Cloud Inference’s serverless architecture eliminates the complexities of managing and scaling infrastructure, delivering unparalleled impact, including:

Flexibility in AI model integration and migration

Vultr Cloud Inference offers a simple, serverless AI inferencing solution, facilitating seamless integration of AI models, irrespective of their training origin. Whether your models are crafted on Vultr Cloud GPUs powered by NVIDIA, within your private data center, or on a different cloud platform, Vultr Cloud Inference ensures effortless worldwide inference capabilities.

Reduced AI infrastructure complexity

Utilizing the serverless framework of Vultr Cloud Inference, businesses can focus on innovation and generating value from their AI endeavors rather than grappling with infrastructure complexities. Cloud Inference simplifies deployment, granting companies without extensive infrastructure management skills access to advanced AI capabilities. This accelerates the time-to-market for AI-driven solutions.

Automated scaling of inference-optimized infrastructure

Engineering teams can seamlessly achieve high performance while optimizing resource utilization by dynamically matching AI application workloads with inference-optimized cloud GPUs in real time. This results in significant cost savings and minimized environmental footprint, as expenses are incurred only for necessary and utilized resources.

Private, dedicated compute resources

Vultr Cloud Inference offers an isolated environment tailored for sensitive or high-demand workloads, ensuring heightened security and optimal performance for vital applications. This aligns seamlessly with objectives concerning data protection, regulatory compliance, and maintaining top performance during peak loads.

Experience seamless scalability, reduced operational complexity, and enhanced performance for your AI projects, all on a serverless platform designed to meet innovation demands at any scale. Users can start with worldwide inference today by reserving NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper™ Superchips.

Learn more about getting early access to Vultr Cloud Inference Beta or contact our sales team to discuss how cloud inference can be the backbone of your AI applications.