Bringing the world closer together with Vultr and Console Connect
Feb 26, 2024

Vultr Cloud Alliance Announcement

Since our announcement welcoming Console Connect to the Vultr Cloud Alliance in May, we have been working to provide businesses with new ways to connect to the edge. Today, we are introducing the integration of Console Connect’s CloudRouter® with Vultr cloud data centers and showcasing how businesses can use EdgeSIM and CloudRouter® to create private network environments for IoT and mobile devices at the edge.

Build instant virtual networks with Layer 3 CloudRouter®

The move to multicloud can be complex, but CloudRouter® keeps your cloud connectivity simple. CloudRouter® provides endless opportunities to extend your network environment without worrying about additional network configuration and management. Click and connect your clouds, SaaS applications, IoT devices, enterprise locations, and other network environments, including data centers, Wide Area Networks (WAN), and last-mile access.

Once you are set up, CloudRouter® takes care of the rest as your traffic dynamically flows among your network endpoints and over Console Connect’s private global network infrastructure. This means better network performance, speed, and security, enhancing customers’ online experiences.

Console Connect’s CloudRouter® is available for connection to Vultr’s cloud data centers in Los Angeles, Toronto, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Securely connect any edge device to Vultr with EdgeSIM

As IoT devices and networks handle more of your sensitive and mission-critical data, your business needs to be able to afford gaps in security. Traditional mobile solutions expose your data to public internet pitfalls, while end-to-end private networking solutions, such as VPN, are inflexible and offer little coverage.

Console Connect’s EdgeSIM is the world’s first mobile connectivity solution that bypasses the public internet. It combines the enhanced performance of private networking with the flexibility and ubiquity of mobile networks, giving you complete control and security over your global IoT applications.

As an extension of Layer 3 CloudRouter®, EdgeSIM is best suited for IoT applications with sensitive or mission-critical data, including:

  • Asset management
  • Network management
  • Logistics
  • Connected cars
  • Payment networks and POS devices
  • Live broadcast
  • Healthcare solutions
  • Security systems
  • And more

Vultr, CloudRouter®, and EdgeSIM in action

In the rapidly-evolving financial services industry, deploying AI solutions for fraud prevention in payment networks and POS devices represents a critical advancement. To address the challenges of security, real-time processing, and scalability, businesses are turning to Vultr Cloud GPU, powered by NVIDIA, Console Connect CloudRouter®, and EdgeSIM. This powerful combination enables the secure and efficient operation of AI models designed to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions at the point of sale.

By integrating CloudRouter® with Vultr’s global cloud data center network, financial institutions can create a seamless, high-speed network infrastructure that connects POS devices across multiple locations directly to AI models hosted on Vultr Cloud GPU, powered by NVIDIA infrastructure. This setup ensures real-time fraud analysis and decision-making, significantly reducing the window for fraudulent transactions. EdgeSIM plays a crucial role by providing secure, mobile connectivity for POS devices, bypassing the public internet and enhancing the security of sensitive financial data.

This approach minimizes latency for instant fraud detection and ensures the scalability and flexibility of financial networks as they expand. The end-to-end encryption and private networking capabilities offered by EdgeSIM protect against data breaches, offering a robust solution for financial institutions aiming to leverage AI for enhanced security and customer trust in their payment ecosystems.

We're attending Mobile World Congress 2024

Visit the Console Connect stand (2E21 in hall 2) on the show floor to talk with representatives from Vultr about our strategic partnership.

Learn more about our Console Connect partnership and Console Connect’s Layer 3 CloudRouter® and EdgeSIM.