Dallas and Los Angeles now available!

Vultr has finished building out in Los Angeles and Dallas! More locations are being built out as we speak and will come online as soon as they are completed. Thank you for your patience as we work to make Vultr the best!

Try out both locations in 60 seconds or less for just 0.007/hr!

Tweet us your feedback @Vultr !

32-bit Operating Systems now Available!

Vultr now supports 32-bit Operating Systems.

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We're building out our server farms!

We're increasing our capacity by 50,000%. All USA Locations will be ready to go very soon. With these new server farms will come great new features. Thanks for your patience while we roll out this great product around the globe!

-The Vultr Team!

Double RAM Coupon!

Let's get this weekend started off on the right foot!

Use coupon code "2XRAM" on the deploy page and receive twice the RAM !

This coupon is now expired.

"BIG" News from Vultr! [Up to 640GB Storage!]

Vultr now has large storage virtual servers in our New Jersey POP. 160GB SATA for just $5. 640GB SATA for just $15! Tweet us your feedback @Vultr !

Try it out in 60 seconds or less for just 0.007/hr!

こんにちは日本 / Hello There Japan!

After 3 long days of crimping, cabling, racking, and stacking our Tokyo server farm is now fully operational! Help make our deployment team happy and start launching instances now!

Reverse DNS (PTR) Modification Added!

We have added the ability to modify the PTR record of your Instances.

This function can be found under "Manage" for each instance. It will also be modifiable via our API in the near future.

FreeBSD 10 x64 OS is now Available!

You can now provision FreeBSD 10 x64 VPS Servers in all locations. We will continue to add additional OS options based on your feedback! Thank you for choosing Vultr!

Debian OS 6 and 7 now available!

Debian 6 x64 (Squeeze) and Debian 7 x64 (Wheezy) OS's are now available in all locations. We will continue to add additional OS options based on your feedback! Thank you for choosing Vultr!

Vultr Soft Launch!

Hey all. It's exciting to see some initial feed back on our new service. We are working extremely hard behind the scenes.

We seem to be gaining more attention than we initially thought on Friday when we "soft-launched". We are investing heavily in what we believe are the best server farms for this service. We are also back filling locations in some different DC's while we deploy all our infrastructure. New Jersey(USA) is one of our flagship datacenters and you can be assured capacity will be available there. While we already have large server farms in 30+ cities they are not the Core speed nor IO speed we want to deliver to all our customers. This is being augmented with high density server farms in the cities we've identified with the most interest and will continue to deploy in new cities and augment cities per our capacity planning.

Great things are coming as we fully roll out the service and while we can't respond to all the posts we are watching the feedback very closely and adjusting to what our users want most. There is no greater priority in our cloud division than to make this one of the best services available. Thank you for your feedback and we'll be back to announce new features and more detailed location status in the coming day(s).

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