Introducing The ISO Library

Introducing The ISO Library

Custom ISO users now have a new option for mounting ISOs - the ISO Library! The library is curated by our experienced team of system administrators and is updated periodically. Popular Linux and BSD distros are included, making installing a custom operating system on Vultr both quick and convenient....

Vultr Welcomes Singapore!

Vultr Welcomes Singapore!

We are excited to announce our 15th location - Singapore! You can now provision and manage high performance cloud servers from the heart of this is...

Summer Promo! Now Earn $30 For Every Referral!

Summer Promo! Now Earn $30 For Every Referral!

Vultr is proud to announce enhancements to its customer referral program. We have more than doubled the benefits of our affiliate program.

A Win-Win!

You will receive $30 for every customer you refer, and they will receive $20 in ...

Deploy Dynamic Instances Powered By Local Metadata

Starting today, Vultr is introducing a brand new version of its Metadata API. Available for all newly deployed cloud servers, this service allows the creation of flexible deployment scripts that automatically configure instances using a locally accessible API.

Servers can now access d...

Add Flexibility And Resiliency To Your Cloud With Reserved IPs!

Vultr's Reserved IPs add an array of features to make your cloud environment more robust than ever before. With this functionality, you can now allocate specific IPs to your account and move them between cloud servers or reserve them when instances are destroyed.

Over 2 Million Cloud Servers Launched!

Over 2 Million Cloud Servers Launched!

Vultr is proud to announce an exciting milestone - more than 2 Million Cloud Servers have been deployed! Since launching just under 2 years ago more and more people have continued to choose Vultr and our high performance platform for their cloud infrastructure needs.

This rapid growt...

Launch Docker With A Single Click!

By popular demand, Docker is now available as a one-click app that can be deployed directly from the Vultr control panel!

Docker lets users manage appl...

Happy New Year from

Let's start 2016 off right by introducing some free upgrades to our offerings! Here are some of the changes we're ushering in with the New Year:

More Bandwidth in Australia and Japan

We have been hard at work making our h...

Announce IP Space on the Cloud with Vultr

With our new feature, you can now announce /24 or larger prefixes on our global platform. Make your transition to the cloud easier than ever by maintaining your existing IPs and attaching them to your Vultr cloud instances!

Leveraging our worldwide footprint with locations in Europe, ...

Announcing Multi-User Support

Vultr account owners can now share management of account resources without sharing their master login! With our new multiple users feature, you have the ability to create new logins with limited access to portions of your Vultr account. Control and assign specific powers on your account to your team...

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