Announcing Multi-User Support

Vultr account owners can now share management of account resources without sharing their master login! With our new multiple users feature, you have the ability to create new logins with limited access to portions of your Vultr account. Control and assign specific powers on your account to your team, including the ability to administer servers, deploying new instances, manage billing, open support tickets, and more.

Security is also an important focus of this new feature and for the users of our web API. As an account holder, you will no longer need to share your API key with your group - each new login will be provided an individual API key that is limited by the permissions of the team member. Team members are also able to set up individualized two-factor authentication, a security best-practice that we strongly encourage.

Get started by visiting the Settings area of your Vultr control panel. Controls for managing additional logins are located under the "Users" tab.

More features and additional permission granularity controls are coming soon so stay tuned to our news feed and follow @Vultr on Twitter!

Introducing the Vultr Toolbox

To make your life as a techie just a little bit easier, Vultr is adding some handy web tools geared towards programmers, systems administrators, and network engineers. This collection is organized in one location on our website (known as the toolbox).

Our toolbox includes utilities such as a random password generator, a mac address calculator, and a subnet calculator. And of course, expect to see more like these as time goes on!

Get started by visiting our tools section at:

Have a suggestion for a tool or calculator you'd want to see? Let us know on our contact page or by tweeting @Vultr!

Safeguard Your Instances Against DDoS

Vultr is pleased to announce our DDoS Protection Beta! Currently available in Amsterdam, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York / New Jersey, this feature adds a layer of security against distributed denial of service attacks targeting your cloud applications.

Protect your important assets - business applications, database servers, game servers, voice servers - and enable DDoS Protection for as little as $0.015/hr!

For more information, visit our DDoS Protection page.

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More Bandwidth in Australia and Japan!

Starting September 1st, is officially doubling the bandwidth limits for our Tokyo and Sydney plans. With our updated tiers, our cloud hosting packages in Japan and Australia provides better value than ever yet still includes the same high performance hardware that Vultr is known for.

Bandwidth plan increases are effective immediately for all new and existing instances. For example, our starter compute plan (priced at $5/month) now includes 400 GB of transfer instead of 200 GB. Have questions about our bandwidth metering? Visit our FAQ:

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Industry Leading 100% SLA is proud to announce our industry leading 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement! The high standards of reliability outlined by this policy reaffirm our company's long term commitment to stability and performance.

The Vultr SLA covers the entire worldwide platform - from network performance to the host hardware where your instances live. At the same time, our SLA sets strict outage metrics and will reimburse up to your entire monthly costs for any affected instance should you experience anything lower than 100% Uptime.

For additional details, please visit our SLA page:

Deploy on's reliable high performance cloud infrastructure today!

New One Click Application: Drupal

It is now easier than ever to launch a Drupal powered website on - the open source CMS has been added to our One Click Applications!

With a library consisting of tens of thousands of modules, Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems and it powers more than one million sites around the internet.

Leveraging our high performance platform and worldwide presence, you can be sure is the right place to deploy your Drupal CMS for any purpose, whether for a personal blog or a high traffic corporate site.

Learn more about deploying Drupal.

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Announcing Vultr Dedicated Cloud!

Want your own dedicated server but don't like the lack of flexibility that comes with dedicated hosting? With our brand new Vultr Dedicated Cloud (VDC), you can now rent 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server with the advantages of the Vultr Platform including hourly billing and fast provisioning!

VDC offers plans configured with up to 8 vCPU's, 32GB RAM and 4 x 120GB Independent SSD's. All resources are 100% dedicated to you with no noisy neighbors.

Guaranteed performance is just a click away so Deploy Now! Or, visit our Dedicated Cloud Pricing page to learn more about this new product.

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Deploy Large Storage Plans in Japan!

The wait is over - Vultr is pleased to announce the introduction of Storage Series plans in our Tokyo datacenter! Take advantage of our high performance SSD cached storage architecture and move your data-intensive applications into the cloud using our Storage Series plans.

Plans are available for as little as $5/month or $0.007/hour!

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VENOM Vulnerability Response

A critical security alert affecting virtualized environments - VENOM CVE-2015-3456 - was announced today by the team at CrowdStrike.

What is VENOM and how does it affect me?

VENOM is a software vulnerability found in QEMU's floppy drive controller and may allow an attacker to potentially execute malicious code on the host node with elevated privileges. Although there are no known available exploits for this vulnerability, the security team at Vultr has handled this advisory with the highest of urgency.

Am I safe? What do I have to do?

Vultr customers are already protected and don't need to take any specific action. The Vultr security team has rolled out a security update which has been transparently applied to all affected instances. Our teams will continue to diligently review and monitor the global platform and keep you updated of any issues.

As always, send us your feedback on our contact page or by tweeting @Vultr.

Introducing 8+ CPUs and More Storage!

For the past several months, the Vultr infrastructure team has been hard at work deploying our brand new compute infrastructure around the globe. With these updates, we are happy to announce that we've increased the maximum available cores for our SSD plans from 8 to 24 and also boosted the included storage in many of our plans.

Utilizing the latest generation Intel architecture, our platform allows you to deploy VMs with up to 24 cores, 64 Gigs of RAM, and 10 GigE connectivity! Available in most locations NOW - get more power and deploy your 8+ CPUs instance today!

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