New One Click Application: Drupal

It is now easier than ever to launch a Drupal powered website on - the open source CMS has been added to our One Click Applications!

With a library consisting of tens of thousands of modules, Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems and it powers more than one million sites around the internet.

Leveraging our high performance platform and worldwide presence, you can be sure is the right place to deploy your Drupal CMS for any purpose, whether for a personal blog or a high traffic corporate site.

Learn more about deploying Drupal.

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Announcing Vultr Dedicated Cloud!

Want your own dedicated server but don't like the lack of flexibility that comes with dedicated hosting? With our brand new Vultr Dedicated Cloud (VDC), you can now rent 25%, 50%, 75%, or an entire dedicated server with the advantages of the Vultr Platform including hourly billing and fast provisioning!

VDC offers plans configured with up to 8 vCPU's, 32GB RAM and 4 x 120GB Independent SSD's. All resources are 100% dedicated to you with no noisy neighbors.

Guaranteed performance is just a click away so Deploy Now! Or, visit our Dedicated Cloud Pricing page to learn more about this new product.

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Deploy Large Storage Plans in Japan!

The wait is over - Vultr is pleased to announce the introduction of Storage Series plans in our Tokyo datacenter! Take advantage of our high performance SSD cached storage architecture and move your data-intensive applications into the cloud using our Storage Series plans.

Plans are available for as little as $5/month or $0.007/hour!

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VENOM Vulnerability Response

A critical security alert affecting virtualized environments - VENOM CVE-2015-3456 - was announced today by the team at CrowdStrike.

What is VENOM and how does it affect me?

VENOM is a software vulnerability found in QEMU's floppy drive controller and may allow an attacker to potentially execute malicious code on the host node with elevated privileges. Although there are no known available exploits for this vulnerability, the security team at Vultr has handled this advisory with the highest of urgency.

Am I safe? What do I have to do?

Vultr customers are already protected and don't need to take any specific action. The Vultr security team has rolled out a security update which has been transparently applied to all affected instances. Our teams will continue to diligently review and monitor the global platform and keep you updated of any issues.

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Introducing 8+ CPUs and More Storage!

For the past several months, the Vultr infrastructure team has been hard at work deploying our brand new compute infrastructure around the globe. With these updates, we are happy to announce that we've increased the maximum available cores for our SSD plans from 8 to 24 and also boosted the included storage in many of our plans.

Utilizing the latest generation Intel architecture, our platform allows you to deploy VMs with up to 24 cores, 64 Gigs of RAM, and 10 GigE connectivity! Available in most locations NOW - get more power and deploy your 8+ CPUs instance today!

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Storage Series Plans Have Arrived in Amsterdam!

The team is excited to announce that storage plans are now available in Europe! The Amsterdam Storage Series offer the ability to deploy VMs with a generous amount of disk and SSD cache enhanced performance for your big data storage needs.

We are continuing to expand our Storage Series availability to more cities so stay tuned for new locations!

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Los Angeles High Speed Storage Plans

Great News - is now offering SATA Storage plans enhanced with SSD Cache in our Los Angeles POP!

Powerful enough to use as a standalone VPS for archiving lots of data and even better paired with our high performance 100% SSD nodes to expand your available storage, these new VMs can be launched for as little as $5/month. And stay tuned, storage plans are coming to more locations soon!

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Announcing One-Click cPanel!

Deploy a fully-licensed cPanel VPS with just a single click!

The cPanel/WHM suite is an powerful control panel that simplifies server administration allowing you to manage databases, email accounts, security settings, and many other aspects of your hosting environment.

With Vultr, we've made the process of setting up cPanel started easy - simply choose the cPanel application and your server will be activated with a valid license and the software pre-installed! In just a few moments, you can have cPanel and WHM fully installed, ready for your customization anywhere on our worldwide network!

Learn more about deploying cPanel.

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$50 Per Article Published on Vultr Docs!

The Vultr Docs section of our site has experienced tremendous growth over the past several months as we continue to review and publish new articles submitted by our members. Thank you to all the authors who have shared their knowledge and contributed tutorials for our growing community!

Some recent publications include:

Generating an ECC certificate
Setting up a Minecraft Server
Installing OpenBSD
How to configure Logrotate
Setting up HAProxy
Install Varnish with Apache 2
Instructions for installing MongoDB
Tips for SSLv3 security
Configuring iRedmail
How to setup PostgreSQL
... and more!

Can't find an article that you're interested in? Request it today!

We are still offering our paid program to write technical content for Vultr - if your article is published, you will receive $50.00 payable as VULTR credit or to a PayPal account!

Submit a how-to article on our docs page. Happy writing!

Deploy your own VPN Server!

OpenVPN, the open-source VPN server, is now available on Vultr Apps! Launch your high performance OpenVPN VPS today and connect to the internet using any of our 14 worldwide locations.

Using a VPN server allows you to add a layer of security to your internet activity and prevents against attacks on your home network. With Vultr Apps, deploying a VPN server has never been easier - you can create your own OpenVPN server by selecting "Application" from within the Vultr control panel.

Read more about the OpenVPN Vultr App

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