Deploy Windows Server 2016 In The Cloud!

Our operating system offerings have been updated to include Windows Server 2016. As the latest version of Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows Server 2016 includes updates to IIS, Active Directory, PowerShell, the network stack, and much more. The desktop interface has also been revised, providing a similar experience to Windows 10.

With this update, high performance Windows Server 2016 servers can now be deployed with one click across our entire global network. And of course, popular features such as startup scripts, IPv6, and private networking are fully supported.

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The Vultr Cloud Is More Powerful Than Ever!

Over the past several months, the Vultr team has been hard at work expanding our cloud platform around the globe. Now we’d like to share this exciting new capacity with you by increasing our compute plans across the board!

More RAM and More Enterprise SSD Storage
Most plans will now feature double the RAM and more high speed local SSD storage at the same price point. New and existing customers can take advantage of the bigger plans either by visiting the customer portal and deploying new instances or upgrading existing cloud servers.

Sandbox Plan for $2.50
Our most affordable way to try out cloud computing, this plan features 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD disk storage. This is perfect for test-driving your next application before upgrading to production level specifications.

Bandwidth Overages now just $0.01/GB
We are cutting bandwidth overage rates in half! While our generous bandwidth plans were designed to cover 99.9% of our users’ regular usage patterns, heavier bandwidth users will also find a home on Vultr with our lower pricing!

New and existing compute plans fully support all of Vultr's cloud features that you know and love, including 100% Intel CPU’s & SSD Storage, API access, Custom ISO support, One-Click App deployment, and much more! To see our updated plan list, please review our pricing page.

Some Features You May Already Be Enjoying…

Up to 10,000Mbps In/Out on Public & Private Network
Our VC2 platform allows up to 10Gigabit of ingress/egress to your instance on both the public and private network. This makes moving, syncing, and backing up your data between your instances and the public faster than ever.

Vultr Firewall Service
Help to secure your cloud environment using our cloud based firewall. Our firewall utilizes resources higher in the stack, leaving your CPU cycles for your important applications and dev environments.

ISO Library or Upload Your Own Image
In addition to our standard operating system offerings you may now choose from our curated list of popular ISO Images to deploy on your VC2 instance or upload your own.

Free Snapshots
We continue to offer snapshot storage at no cost. Snapshots make it easy to deploy new instances or backup your dev environment before making big changes. Quickly revert back by restoring your snapshot via our easy to use myVultr interface.

15 Geographically Diverse Cloud Compute Centers
With the recent addition of our Singapore Facility, Vultr now has a presence in 15 Cities around the Globe.

There’s never been a better time to deploy your cloud infrastructure on Vultr!

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Protect Your Cloud With Vultr Firewall

We've listened to the needs of our customers and designed a robust firewall that is versatile, secure, and easy to use. Vultr Firewall Service is a free add-on security solution that can be deployed worldwide using the customer portal and our API.

Running a secure cloud environment is vitally important in today’s world. Vultr Firewall Service adds flexibility and simplifies firewall management across all of your instances by allowing you to manage multiple groups and multiple rulesets from one location. Using our API or the customer portal, you can control traffic for common IP protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, and GRE. Rulesets created in Vultr Firewall Service can be applied to any number of your Vultr instances, allowing for fine-grained control over your resources. As you've come to expect we've also future-proofed this new feature with native IPv6 support from the get-go!

Ready to boost your application security in just seconds? Read more about Vultr Firewall on the Docs portal.

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OpenBSD Now Available!

OpenBSD, the secure BSD-based UNIX-like operating system, has been added to Vultr's standard O/S options. The OpenBSD project emphasizes a comprehensive and proactive focus on security and source code auditing. Over it's 20+ years of development, OpenBSD has built a reputation as one of the most secure operating system options and many industry professionals have selected it for critical uses such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

As with our other operating system choices, you can deploy your high performance OpenBSD servers anywhere on our worldwide network. We've also added support for all the standard features you've come to expect from Vultr such as SSH key preloading, IPv6, custom startup scripts and more!

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Introducing The ISO Library

Custom ISO users now have a new option for mounting ISOs - the ISO Library! The library is curated by our experienced team of system administrators and is updated periodically. Popular Linux and BSD distros are included, making installing a custom operating system on Vultr both quick and convenient.

You can also mount these ISOs directly from your existing Vultr cloud servers. Our Vultr Docs community includes a variety of useful guides that reference Custom ISOs, such as step-by-step tutorials on using rescue images to troubleshoot or customize instances. Save time spent uploading a Custom ISO and focus on what matters most - troubleshooting and getting your cloud servers back up and running quickly!

Need an ISO that isn't in the ISO Library? You can still take advantage of our powerful Custom ISO upload system for your new deployment!

Vultr Welcomes Singapore!

We are excited to announce our 15th location - Singapore! You can now provision and manage high performance cloud servers from the heart of this island nation, strategically positioned for low latency in the APAC region.

This new location includes all the great features you've come to expect from the standardized Vultr platform - rapid deployment, high performance Intel CPUs, 100% Enterprise SSD storage, and hourly billing!

Summer Promo! Now Earn $30 For Every Referral!

Vultr is proud to announce enhancements to its customer referral program. We have more than doubled the benefits of our affiliate program.

A Win-Win!

You will receive $30 for every customer you refer, and they will receive $20 in free credit to get started on the high performance Vultr platform. Login to your customer portal for details on how to take advantage of this new promotion.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends on our platform!

Deploy Dynamic Instances Powered By Local Metadata

Starting today, Vultr is introducing a brand new version of its Metadata API. Available for all newly deployed cloud servers, this service allows the creation of flexible deployment scripts that automatically configure instances using a locally accessible API.

Servers can now access detailed configuration information that enable intelligent initial deployment decisions, reporting of detailed health status to a central controlling cluster, and much more! A variety of data about each instance is available locally, including:

* Available Network Interfaces
* IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses
* Geographic Region Information
* Public SSH keys

For more details, please view our Metadata documentation:

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Add Flexibility And Resiliency To Your Cloud With Reserved IPs!

Vultr's Reserved IPs add an array of features to make your cloud environment more robust than ever before. With this functionality, you can now allocate specific IPs to your account and move them between cloud servers or reserve them when instances are destroyed.

Improve Control - Instead of utilizing randomly assigned public addresses, you can now deploy cloud servers with designated IPs from your reserved pool. Plus, you can also terminate cloud instances that are no longer used and still keep their public IPs linked to your account.

Simplify Upgrades - Make the upgrade process on your cloud server safer and more robust -- for operating systems, applications, databases, etc -- by creating new duplicate cloud server instances and moving traffic only after the new environment is tested and confirmed production ready.

Increase Redundancy - It is true that the Vultr platform is inherently designed for stability and high uptime. You can now take your environment redundancy to the next level by creating high availability clusters utilizing standby cloud servers with IP failover, eliminating any single points of failure in your application.

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Over 2 Million Cloud Servers Launched!

Vultr is proud to announce an exciting milestone - more than 2 Million Cloud Servers have been deployed! Since launching just under 2 years ago more and more people have continued to choose Vultr and our high performance platform for their cloud infrastructure needs.

This rapid growth has been propelled by an unrelenting dedication to quality, backed by a 100% Uptime SLA, and by forging close relationships with our customers to deliver solutions that make the transition to our cloud easier than ever. In the coming months, our engineering team will continue focusing their energy on new exciting features and expanding our service offerings in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.

We are thankful to all our friends and customers for making this possible. We will continue to strive each and everyday to exceed your expectations.

So what are you waiting for? Experience industry leading performance and our low latency global cloud for yourself!

Deploy a cloud server today for as low as $0.007/hour!

Thanks for helping make Vultr Great!

The Vultr Team

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