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Preview of the Vultr management interface for Webmin on a mobile device.
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Preview of the Vultr server deploy page control panel for Webmin on a web browser.

Why Choose Webmin?

New to the world of system administration? Or perhaps you prefer managing your servers through a web browser? Webmin can help you with that. Deploy a Vultr VPS with Webmin and you will be managing your next project over the web in just seconds. Webmin provides a URL that allows you to login to your server and perform system administration tasks such as user management, service control, firewall configuration, and more.

Stable and Modular

Since its release in 1997, Webmin has continued to gain popularity. The software is built on modules, which makes it easy to enhance its functionality. Webmin offers a repository of user-contributed modules and themes on their official site.

Webmin Details

To view the publicly accessible instance, visit https://use.your.ip:10000/.
* Credentials are the same as provided on the Server Information page

See our instructions to bypass the HTTPS warning for self-signed SSL/TLS certificates if a Commercial or Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate is not going to be installed.

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