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Vodia Phone System
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Vodia Cloud-based Phone System on Vultr

Looking to streamline your phone system deployment and management with the power of the cloud? Look no further than Vodia PBX, now readily available on Vultr

Discover the versatility and wealth of features offered by Vodia PBX, perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive web interface, Vodia PBX allows you to effortlessly configure and customize your phone system from anywhere, ensuring it aligns precisely with your specific requirements.

Embracing the cloud has never been simpler with Vodia PBX now available on Vultr Marketplace. Whether you are a small business seeking a cost-effective phone solution or a larger enterprise in need of a scalable and reliable system, Vodia PBX on Vultr Marketplace has got you covered.

Benefits of Vodia PBX on Vultr Marketplace:

Effortless Deployment: Within a few clicks, Vodia PBX can be deployed on Vultr Marketplace, enabling you to swiftly get your phone system up and running.

Scalability at Your Fingertips: With Vodia PBX on Vultr Marketplace, effortlessly scale your phone system to accommodate the growth of your business.

Reliability That Matters: Vultr Marketplace offers a robust and secure hosting platform, ensuring your phone system remains consistently accessible whenever you need it.

Flexibility Redefined: Vodia PBX on Vultr Marketplace allows you to choose the ideal instance type to match your requirements, providing the necessary resources to operate your phone system optimally.

Cost-effectiveness Redefined: Experience the financial advantages of Vodia PBX on Vultr Marketplace as it offers a budget-friendly phone system solution, effectively reducing your overall costs.

Let us guide you step-by-step through the seamless setup process of the Vodia phone system, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

Please visit us at https://web.vodia.com/

** To access the Web interface, please follow these steps:**

Open your preferred web browser and enter your public IP address in the format https://<yourIPaddress>.
A Chrome warning may appear, indicating that the site is not secure. Please note that this is expected as we haven't set up our system DNS yet. You can proceed by clicking on "Continue" to proceed.
You will now be directed to the Vodia phone system GUI. In the user field, enter "admin" without a password.
Once logged in, you will be prompted to set up your system security. Here, you can enter new credentials for your phone system.
If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out..

**License the product **
To activate the Vodia phone system please request your license https://web.vodia.com/60-day-trial

For more information on setting on the Vodia phone system visit us here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOKT_mm2X3RVtvEpdUUfaw

or https://doc.vodia.com/docs

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