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RunCloud Nginx 18.04
Preview of the Vultr management interface for RunCloud Nginx 18.04 on a mobile device.
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RunCloud Nginx 18.04
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RunCloud is a SaaS platform that simplifies cloud server management through its simple yet powerful server management panel. It is simple enough to be used with minimal technical knowledge and at the same time, powerful enough for users to run complicated tasks either using our GUI or command-line interface. Our management panel makes it easier for you to deploy and manage your web application without having the hassle to configure your web application to ensure it's up and running.

RunCloud One-Click Application allows you to spin your server with RunCloud image and straightly manage your server inside RunCloud Panel afterward. No need to connect your VPS through IP Address or spin the server inside our panel again.

There are several steps you to need to do before and after you finished spinning up RunCloud One-Click App:

RunCloud Account

It is recommended that you have a RunCloud account before you begin spinning up the server. This is to ensure a smooth process from spinning up RunCloud One-Click App to server verification on RunCloud Panel. If you did not have an account yet, you can register here for free. You can also create an account after spinning up RunCloud One-Click App.

Verification Process

We generate a verification link that is accessible via SSH. The verification link allows us to identify and verify that you are the owner of the VPS. Below are a few steps that you need to do after you finished spinning up RunCloud One-Click App:

1. Log into VPS via SSH

First, you need to log into the VPS via SSH. From a terminal on your local computer, connect to the VPS as root as shown below. Please make sure to replace use_your_instance_ip_address with the actual RunCloud One-Click Server’s IP address which you have just created.

ssh root@use_your_instance_ip_address

2. Click or copy the verification link

Once you successfully log into the VPS, you will see a MySQL Root Password and RunCloud User Password. Please duplicate and save this password because it only shows once.

You will also see that there is a verification URL provided. Click or copy that link and it will be directed to our RunCloud Panel. Do note that the verification link only valid for 24 hours.

3. Claim your server

After clicking the verification URL, you will be redirected to the Claim Server page. If you already signed into RunCloud, you will see a simple verification form on this page.

You need to claim your ownership of the server that you just created using RunCloud One-Click App by filling up the form and click Claim This Server button. RunCloud then will verify and start communicating with your VPS.

After few moments, you will redirected to your server summary page. Congratulations! Verification process successful and you can start manage your VPS via RunCloud Panel.

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