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Preview of the Vultr management interface for Pritunl on a mobile device.
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Preview of the Vultr server deploy page control panel for Pritunl on a web browser.

Why Choose Pritunl?

Private Surfing without License Fees

Vultr's Marketplace Pritunl app is a private alternative to commercial VPN vendors. There's no hardware needed and you can connect unlimited devices and unlimited users with no license fees. Pritunl supports clients on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, Apple iOS, and Chromebooks.

Easy Configuration for All Platforms

The web-based control panel is easy to configure. Our configuration guide leads you through the process to host a secure VPN in minutes.

Pritunl Details

To view the publicly accessible instance, visit https://use.your.ip/. See our instructions to bypass the HTTPS warning for self-signed SSL/TLS certificates if a Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate is not going to be installed (instructions below).

User: pritunl
Pass: Pritunl User Password


When you follow this tutorial, Pritunl will install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, which requires a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) to assign the SSL Certificate. Make sure you have a domain name and can assign an IP address with your DNS provider.

1. Register Domain Name

This guide uses example IP and FQDN Replace these values with your information.

Once your Pritunl server has deployed, you'll see the server IP address in your customer portal.

Copy the IP address and assign it to a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) at your DNS provider.

2. Set up Server SSL Certificate

Use the credentials and IP address above to access the login page of the web interface for Pritunl:

After logging in, you be presented with an Initial Setup prompt.
* On the Initial Setup screen, choose a new strong password for your pritunl account. Note that this will not update the password shown on the instance dashboard, so be sure to record it securely.
* Enter the FQDN for your server in the Let's Encrypt Domain field.
* Leave the other fields at default.
* Click Save

Note: A lost password can be retrieved by connecting to the server instance as root and executing:
# pritunl default-password

You'll receive a confirmation message when the setup completes after a few seconds.
* Logout and close your browser tab.
* Open a new browser tab and navigate to your FQDN.
* Login as pritunl with your new password.
* Verify your session is secure, and the certificate is valid.

3. Set up Users, Organization, and Server

  • Navigate to the Users page, and click Add Organization
  • Enter desired organization name in the modal window before clicking Add:
  • Click Add User, enter a user name, a numeric PIN at least six digits long, and then Add:
  • Click Servers, followed by Add Server:
  • Enter a server name, accept the default values for Port, Protocol, DNS, and Virtual Network (if no changes are desired). The will almost certainly be different than the example below.
  • Click Attach Organization in the upper-right corner, ensure the desired organization and server are selected, click Attach, followed by Start Server

The VPN server is now running.

4. Set up Client VPN

  • Click Users in the top menu bar.
  • Click the download arrow for the user profile.
  • Save and extract the .tar file containing the OpenVPN profile.
    • 7-Zip is a popular, capable, and free program to extract the downloaded .tar file
  • Download and install the OpenVPN client.
  • Double click the .ovpn file you extracted from the .tar file.
  • The OpenVPN Client launch and ask if you want to import the OpenVPN profile.
  • Click OK to import the profile.
  • Enter your user name, then click Add.
  • Click the switch to connect to the VPN.
  • Enter your six-digit numeric PIN in the password prompt.
  • Click OK to connect to the VPN.
  • Verify your local workstation's IP address is the same as your Pritunl server instance


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