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Palworld Dedicated Server

This 1-click application allows you to instantly deploy a fully configured and robust installation of the Palworld Dedicated Server by Pocket Pair, Inc.

* One Click Installation
* Command Line Interface for managing your server. Backup, restart, or connect to your server to issue administrative commands.
* Automated backup functionality every 8 hours.

Use this 1-click application to quickly create a Palworld server that is public or private, deployable to any of Vultr's subscription plans. Configure the server name and description, as well as setting access and administrator passwords from a straight-forward and simple interface. Confidently backup your world save on-demand and automatically so that you never lose progress on your Paldeck!

Please allow your Palworld Dedicated Server up to 10 minutes to fully activate and allow you to join in game. You can monitor the progress of the server installation by watching the virtual console using the computer monitor button at the top right of the Overview page of your subscription.

Your Palworld Dedicated Server was configured with the following settings:

Server Password (If Set): Server Password (Blank for None)
* Please note: If the above field is empty, you must access your server without specifying any password at all.

Administrator Password: Administrator Password
* Please note: the administrator password is used ingame with the /AdminPassword <Password> command. The same password is also used to access RCON.

Access your Palworld server using the IP Address found in the overview section of your Palworld Dedicated Server subscription.


You can find the direct IP address join function after starting Palworld and clicking on the Community Servers button.

If you have supplied a password, check the Enter Password checkbox to the left of the direct connect input box at the bottom of the screen, then input the IP address and port.

After you connect for the first time successfully, the server should show up in the Recent tab.

CLI Tool Instructions

Your Palworld Dedicated Server includes a palworld command that can be used after SSH-ing into your server or using the remote console.

The palworld command allows you to do the following tasks:

  • Use these commands to control the state of your Palworld Dedicated Server
    palworld start
    palworld stop
    palworld restart

  • Use these commands to administrate the Dedicated Server application.
    palworld backup
    palworld update
    palworld console - Your server has an admin password, please include it in the command, ex: palworld console MyPassword!

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