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A simplified secure file sharing solution and access management for your existing Object storage. Share and collaborate file/folder with your customers, employees, vendors, etc with fine access control and security in place. Feature rich with audit compliance, branding, document copy protection digital signature, etc

Supports a variety of authentication options while sharing files like Basic, Form, OTP and easy SSO integration with any of your existing identity providers such as Active Directory, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Okta, KeyClock, AWS SSO, etc.

Getting started after deploying NirvaShare

Thank you for installing NirvaShare, the most simplified file sharing and access management solution for your object storage.

After creating a NirvaShare One-Click instance, WAIT FOR 6 - 8 MINUTES for the installation to complete.

Access the application using URL http://use.your.ip:8080
To login, provide username/password as admin/admin

It is important that you change the default admin password, you can do so clicking the icon at the top right of the dashboard and select the Change Password option

In order to quickly test the sharing of folders or files of Vultr Object Storage with users using a simple Form based authentication, please refer to the below official documentation.

Getting Started Setup Guide

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