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Why Use LAMP App?

Launch a web-connected LAMP stack in moments. Have instant access to a working MySQL database and modern PHP installation with the Apache web server.

Simply upload your PHP pages and they will be accessible through your browser.

The Standard In Open-Source

Apache is a leading web server that powers millions of sites on the internet. Modern versions of Apache can rival the performance of event-based web servers like NGINX.

Apache also offers a plethora of features. Some of the highlights include HTTP/2 support, GZIP compression, IPv6 support and load balancing.

LAMP Details

Full access to modify this application to suit any development project is possible upon deployment by connecting to the server via console or SSH as the root user.

The web server document root is configured as /var/www/html/

Verify Web Server Functionality

To quickly verify the Apache web server is responding, connect to the server via console or SSH and run:
# curl --head --insecure https://localhost

"HTTP/1.1 200 OK" should be visible in the output (often the first line returned).

MariaDB (MySQL)

Access the database server as the root user with the credentials saved in /root/.my.cnf:
# mysql -u root

Apache Service Management

To stop Apache:
# systemctl stop apache2.service

To start Apache:
# systemctl start apache2.service

To verify the Apache service status:
# systemctl status apache2.service

To disable Apache starting on server boot:
# systemctl disable apache2.service

To enable Apache starting on server boot:
# systemctl enable apache2.service

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