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Introducing KobaltAI: Elevate Your Novel Writing with Adventure Mode – A Literary Odyssey Unfolds

Embark on a revolutionary journey in novel writing with KobaltAI, your dynamic alternative to traditional AI novel assistance. Beyond the realms of conventional platforms, KobaltAI introduces Adventure Mode – a MUDD-style game mode, transforming your narrative creation into an interactive literary odyssey.

Key Features:

#### Web Frontend for Effortless Creativity:
Dive into the world of KobaltAI seamlessly with its intuitive web frontend. Craft your novel effortlessly while exploring the vast possibilities of Adventure Mode.

Diverse Model Support:

KobaltAI offers a palette of models to choose from, allowing you to experiment and tailor your writing experience to your creative vision.

Plugin Architecture:

Extend KobaltAI's capabilities with a versatile plugin architecture. Enhance your Adventure Mode with plugins, creating a personalized writing and gaming fusion.

In-Depth Model Control:

Take command of your writing process with KobaltAI's granular model control. Adjust settings, fine-tune parameters, and customize your AI assistant for a tailored experience.

Adventure Mode – A Literary Odyssey:

Immerse yourself in Adventure Mode, a MUDD-style game that transforms your novel into an interactive narrative. Explore, interact, and shape your story dynamically.

Why KobaltAI?

Unmatched Flexibility:

KobaltAI provides unparalleled flexibility in AI novel writing. Adapt the platform to suit your creative preferences, whether writing a traditional novel or embarking on an interactive adventure.

Dynamic Plugin Ecosystem:

Explore a vibrant ecosystem of plugins that seamlessly integrate into KobaltAI. Elevate your Adventure Mode with features that enhance interactivity and engagement.

Versatile Model Selection:

Tailor your AI writing experience by selecting from a diverse range of models. KobaltAI empowers you to experiment and discover the ideal model for your unique narrative style.

Intuitive Web Interface:

KobaltAI's user-friendly web frontend ensures a seamless writing and gaming experience. Say goodbye to complexities and focus on the sheer joy of creativity.

Join the KobaltAI Revolution: Craft, Explore, and Game On!

Immerse yourself in the future of AI-assisted novel writing with Adventure Mode. KobaltAI brings together control, innovation, and interactive storytelling in a groundbreaking literary experience. Embark on an extraordinary writing journey with KobaltAI!


It make take a few minutes for this app to start as it installs on it's first boot.

Web UI
Username: kobaltai
Password: Nginx Password

Restarting KobaltAI
For your convenience we have included a systemd service to manage KobaltAI for you. It starts with the instance. To do so use the following command,

systemctl restart kobaltai

See the following Github url for more information on configuration and features,

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