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Why Use Jitsi?

Do you need to host a video meeting? Jitsi is an open-source, secure, encrypted, self-hosted alternative for free video meetings. Start your meetings immediately with just a web browser because Jitsi requires no client software. Conduct remote training sessions with desktop sharing while simultaneously streaming video and audio. Your group video conferencing sessions are secure with full end-to-end encryption. Jitsi supports IPv6 and standard internet protocols for audio and video like SIP and XMPP.

Host your own free chat and video conferencing server at your closest data center for optimum streaming bandwidth.

Jitsi servers support common internet standards such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, IRC, and WebRTC. Jitsi audio, video, and chat are encrypted for privacy. Jitsi Desktop supports Windows, MacOS, Linux, and FreeBSD. Share your desktop regardless of OS and allow other Jitsi users to control your applications. This is a full team conferencing solution!

Jitsi is a reliable and comprehensive video conferencing solution backed by a global community of volunteers, corporate partners, and supporters.

Vultr's One-Click Jitsi server is ready to run without any additional setup. You can start a video conference immediately in your favorite web browser without installing any client software.

Server Planning

Jitsi, like all video streaming servers, is resource hungry. Low-latency video requires adequate CPU for the expected number of users. We recommend deploying Jitsi on a Vultr High Frequency server for better performance. Our High Frequency servers have faster CPU cores for optimum video processing. If you need to support more users, it's easy to deploy a new One-Click Jitsi app with more CPU cores.

Jitsi Details

To get started, connect to your Jitsi server's IP address http://use.your.ip/. See our instructions to bypass the HTTPS warning for self-signed SSL/TLS certificates.

Configuration and Administration

To configure or change your domain on Jitisi, or to set up Let's Encrypt SSL, use the following command:
* A domain registered and associated with your instance's IP address.
* An email to use when configuring Let's Encrypt

If you set up authentication, make note of the generated username and password.

To stop Jitsi services:


To start Jitsi services:

User Management

If authentication is configured via the /opt/vultr/scripts/configure_jitsi.sh script, it is possible to use the prosodyctl utility to manage users. The below examples use a configured domain name of jitsi.example.com. Substitute the domain configured for the server when using the commands.

The following message would indicate password authentication was not configured via the configure_jitsi.sh script. The script will need to be run again and a Y response given to the prompt regarding password authentication.
Error: Account creation/modification not supported.

Add a New User:

prosodyctl adduser username@jitsi.example.com

Delete a User:

prosodyctl deluser username@jitsi.example.com

Change a Prosody User's Password:

Change the password of the user with username adminuser with the password newP@ssw0rd
prosodyctl register adminuser jitsi.example.com newP@ssw0rd

List Created Users:

The below will return a directory listing of data files corresponding to users created:
ls -l /var/lib/prosody/*/accounts/*

A listing of /var/lib/prosody/jitsi%2eexample%2ecom/accounts/adminuser.dat would indicate the existence of the user adminuser@jitsi.example.com

It is strongly recommended to not delete the focus, jvb or admin users.

Cockpit Control Panel

Access your Cockpit control panel at port 9080. For example:

https://jitsi.example.com:9080 or https://{{ip}:9080/

You'll find the username and password on your Server Information page. If you use the Vultr Firewall, make sure to allow access to port 9080.

More Information

For more information about managing your Jitsi server, please see the official documentation.

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