Virtuozzo Multi-Cloud PaaS

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A Single Orchestrator Across All Clouds
Extend on-premises infrastructure and operations to any public cloud. Run your cloud-native and legacy apps with a consistent operating model and a single set of tools across public clouds, private clouds, and edge environments.

Application Modernization
Ship great software faster. Build and run modern apps on any cloud and simplify Kubernetes operations with Virtuozzo application Platform development and deployment capabilities.

Connected Security that Delivers Full Visibility:
Deliver security as a built-in service across the technology stack. Secure the entire application lifecycle from code to production and automate consistent policies on workloads running in virtualized, private, and multi-cloud environments.

Remove Vendor Lock-in
Migrate workloads over 60% faster by keeping your infrastructure consistent in every cloud. Access the power of all public clouds across more than 3,500 sites worldwide to deliver any application, anywhere flexibly.

Confident Ransomware Recovery
Quickly recover from modern ransomware attacks with a single fully managed solution that uses a cloud-based isolated recovery environment (IRE) and embedded behavioral analysis of powered-on workloads.

Select an Instance that meets Virtuozzo Application Platform Cloud Edition infrastructure requirements and access it via SSH under the root user to complete the installation process following the instructions:

After deployment, please check your email to find admin credentials to the installed platform.

As an admin user, you get access to VAP Cluster Admin panel, intended to customize your Cloud PaaS (use credentials from email to log in). Here, you can tune your Private Cloud in a desired way. As a basis of exploration, try to:

To get the end-user experience, refer to Jelastic dashboard where all environments and applications are managed. You can log in with the same set of credentials or, if needed, register a new non-admin account. Here, you can give a try to the main Jelastic functionality in confines of hosting and application management:

Further information can be found at:

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