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Haltdos WAF Community Edition
Preview of the Vultr management interface for Haltdos WAF Community Edition on a mobile device.
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Haltdos WAF Community Edition
Preview of the Vultr server deploy page control panel for Haltdos WAF Community Edition on a web browser.

One of its kind, Haltdos brings you user friendly Web application firewall as free to access for all, in the form of Haltdos Community Edition (CE).

Websites have become the primary channel for most businesses to exchange information with customers and stakeholders. Different from a Network Firewall, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) filters traffic on internet-facing web applications including APIs. A WAF can be especially beneficial to a company that provides an e-commerce site, online financial services, or any other type of web-based product or service involving interactions with customers or business partners. In these cases, WAFs can be especially useful in preventing fraud and data theft.

Haltdos WAF CE allows every website owner the capability to defend their applications against growing cyber attacks and ensure security of their data and customers.

1.You can access Haltdos Community GUI on port 9000.

  1. Next, after verification, to start using our Community WAF Solution, you will require a License to enable the WAF Solution.
    Fill in the details to request for Haltdos Community WAF license. License verification code will be sent via mail. Check your spam / junk if you cannot find the mail in inbox.

Post OTP Verification, your community WAF license will be activated.

You have successfully subscribed to Haltdos Community WAF.

  1. Login in to Haltdos Community WAF UI with the credentials provided during the signup.

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