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Fauxpilot (16B)
Preview of the Vultr management interface for Fauxpilot (16B) on a mobile device.
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Fauxpilot (16B)
Preview of the Vultr server deploy page control panel for Fauxpilot (16B) on a web browser.

Fauxpilot is a AI coding assist tool similar to other popular tools on the market. It uses the SalesForce CodeGen models and can be hooked directly into the Copilot browser extensions with a simple change to a config file. Included is a IP whitelist configuration to secure your setup, instructions, and multi-model support.

Be forewarned the model this version is configured with needs at least 32GB of VRAM.

Be forewarned the model this version is configured with needs at least 32GB of VRAM.

It may take some time for this application to start and be ready as the model is very large and Triton takes a significant time to load. It can take up to 30 minutes for the service to become active the first time as models are downloaded and containers are built. It is recommended that before you use this app you first login and initiate the whitelist. To do so add your IP with the following instructions.

Add IP to Whitelist
* Login via SSH
* Run the following command, nano /home/fauxpilot/whitelist.txt
* Add your IP(s), each on a new line
* Run the command, regen_whitelist

Address: https://use.your.ip

For instructions on how to use the API, you can refer to the Client Setup Guide

Copilot Extension Configuration
For detailed instructions to configure the Copilot extension to use Fauxpilot, you can refer to the Client Setup Guide.

The URL you should use is: http://use.your.ip

More Information
For more detailed information on usage and features check out the Github for this project bellow.


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