Manage your server without fighting the terminal

Easypanel is a modern server control panel which uses Docker under the hood. You can think of it as "self-hosted Heroku". It helps you deploy Node.js, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go and Java applications.

Push to deploy

Push to Github and voila - Easypanel will get your code, build it and deploy it.

Free SSL Certificates

With a simple checkbox you get auto-renewable Let's Encrypt certificates.

One-Click Apps

Create a Wordpress website in less than 60 seconds. How does it sound?

Zero Downtime Deployments

You can deploy seamlessly without and intreruptions for your users.

In-Browser Terminal

Check logs or run sell commands without leaving your browser.

Dockerfile not required

Transform your code into Docker images with the magic of Cloud Native Buildpacks.

It may take up to 5 minutes for your server to boot the first time. After that, you can access Easypanel by going to https://use.your.ip/.