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Why Use Docker?

Containers are a technology that can be used to speed up both application development and deployment. Once you have the Docker engine running, containers only take a few seconds to power up. If you were looking for an alternative to virtualization, now is the time to try containers.

Based On Open Standards

It took just a few short years for Docker to transform into one of the most popular open source projects. With Docker, you get all the benefits of open source, including great communities. Docker Hub, for example, houses thousands of pre-built containers created by people from around the world.

Docker Details

Pre-Configured User

Best practices dictate running containers as a user with limited permissions and access. This application creates a docker user (with no password configured) and a docker group. If additional users are expected to run containers, connect to the server via console or SSH as the root user and add them to the docker group:

# usermod --append --groups docker adminuser

Verify Functionality

To ensure Docker functionality, connect to the server via console or SSH as the root user and:

  1. Switch to the docker user:
    # su - docker
  2. Run Docker's test container image:
    $ docker run hello-world

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