Dall-E Playground
Dall-E Playground

Dall-E Playground is a fully functional text-to-image AI generator with a web frontend built on PyTorch and the Dall-E source code. This package will enable you to generate images from short lines of text with the power of AI.

This app requires at least 12G of GPU ram in order to start up and run correctly.

Getting started

Visit the DALL-E Playground front end website to get started, https://use.your.ip

You will be prompted for a backend URL to your DALL-E backend. This server exists on the same machine, https://use.your.ip:8888

How to switch DALL-E from mini to mega or mega_full

First stop dalle, systemctl stop dalle

Next enter the backend folder for the app, cd /opt/dalle-playground/backend

Edit the Dockerfile, Dockerfile

Change the last line from, CMD python3 app.py 8080

To, CMD python3 app.py 8080 mega

Rebuild the app, docker-compose build

Start the app, systemctl start dalle

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