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ComfyUI on Vultr: Elevate Your AI Creativity with Revolutionary Stability

Welcome to ComfyUI: Your Gateway to Advanced AI Innovation on Vultr's Cloud Platform!

Unleash the power of Stable Diffusion with ComfyUI – an AI design and execution interface that breaks the barriers of complexity. Elevate your creative journey with a graph-based UI that transforms ideas into reality without a single line of code.

Discover ComfyUI: The Future of AI Design

Graph-Based Interface for Effortless Creativity:

🎨 Design intricate Stable Diffusion workflows with nodes, graphs, and a flowchart interface. Your ideas, your way – no coding required.

Multi-Version Support:

🌐 Fully compatible with SD1.x, SD2.x, SDXL, and Stable Video Diffusion. Embrace versatility in your AI projects.

Lightning-Fast Startup:

⚡ ComfyUI gets you started in seconds. Experience minimal wait times and dive straight into your creative zone.

GPU Flexibility for Optimal Performance:

🔧 Tailor ComfyUI to your hardware with --lowvram for GPUs with less than 3GB VRAM. It's smart and efficient, automatically enabling on GPUs with low VRAM.

Feature Highlights for Unparalleled Creativity:

  • Workflow Management: 💾 Save and load workflows seamlessly with JSON files. Collaborate effortlessly and enhance productivity.
  • Area Composition: 🌈 Craft visually stunning compositions with ease.
  • Inpainting: 🖌️ Perfect your images with both regular and inpainting models.
  • Model Merging: 🔄 Combine models for enhanced results.
  • SDXL Turbo: 🚀 Experience accelerated Stable Diffusion for quicker insights.
  • Latent Previews: 👁️ Preview your creations in real-time with TAESD.

ComfyUI on Vultr: Your AI Playground, Ready to Launch!

Ready-to-Use Cloud Image:

🚀 Our pre-configured ComfyUI cloud image is your shortcut to AI creativity. No setup hassles – launch and innovate instantly.

Scalability Unlimited:

📈 Harness Vultr's cloud infrastructure for seamless scalability. From solo projects to large-scale AI endeavors, ComfyUI on Vultr grows with you.

Reliability Meets Performance:

🛡️ Benefit from Vultr's robust and reliable cloud platform, ensuring stability for your AI creativity.

Global Accessibility:

🌍 Deploy ComfyUI on Vultr's global network for low-latency access worldwide. Your AI projects, everywhere you go.
Start Your AI Revolution Now with ComfyUI on Vultr!

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Elevate your AI creativity with ComfyUI on Vultr – where innovation meets simplicity. Welcome to the future of AI design!

Web UI
Username: comfyui
Password: Nginx Password

Restarting ComfyUI
For your convenience we have included a systemd service to manage ComfyUI for you. It starts with the instance. Restarting it will refresh the configs and scan down models and embeddings. To do so use the following command,

systemctl restart comfyui

See the following Github url for more information on configuration and features,

Civitai is a website dedicated to hosting models, workflows, LORa's, etc.

Downloading models is as easy as finding the Checkpoint/LORa/etc., clicking download and putting the resulting download into the corresponding file within comfyui/models/

Generally, checkpoints and models will go into,



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