Toil not included

Managed Databases automate many difficult aspects of database administration, so you can stay focused on your app.

Ready in Minutes

Easily provision a production-ready database cluster using the Vultr Control Panel, API, or CLI. Nothing to install or configure.

Easy to scale

Grow your database along with your user base. Scale vertically with more powerful instances, or horizontally by adding replica nodes.

Backups Built-in

Automatic, off-site backups enable seamless point-in-time recovery (PITR), down to the minute. Keep up to 14 days of backups with 3-node clusters.

Highly Available

With continuous monitoring and automatic failover to replica nodes, Managed Databases are backed by a 99.99% SLA.

Seamless Upgrades

Upgrade major and minor versions, with minimal to no downtime. Set an automatic upgrade schedule, or trigger upgrades on demand.

Strong Security

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Databases run within VPC networks, with access restricted to an IP whitelist.

Supported databases


The world's most popular open source relational database.


The highly advanced, extensible open source relational database.

Redis - Coming Soon

The popular open source in-memory database and cache.

Databases that 'just work' - in 27 global locations

Provision a fully-managed database around in the world without the toil required to do it yourself.

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Get started with Vultr Managed Databases


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