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Trusted Author Program

Author: David Finster

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 19, 2022
Vultr Docs

If you'd like to write for Vultr Docs, please join the Trusted Author Program. See these resources to get started:

How to Request an Assignment

  1. Choose a title from our available assignment list.
  2. Log in to connect your Trusted Author account to your request.
  3. Send us your request.

Make sure we’ve approved your assignment before you begin writing. If you have a new article idea, please send us a brief description. If it's appropriate for our library, we'll send you an assignment link.

How to Submit Your Article for Review

  1. Please edit and test your article.
  2. Verify it follows the Vultr Style Guide.
  3. Upload your completed article to the Vultr Docs team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQ for answers to many common questions. If you have a question we haven't answered, please open a ticket and let us know.

Want to contribute?

You could earn up to $600 by adding new articles