What is the "Free Tier" program?

Vultr is committed to supporting digital businesses and developers by democratizing access to high performance cloud computing globally. One of the ways we're supporting global innovation is by enabling developers and businesses to build and test their solutions for free.

Now more than ever, businesses and developers want to build, test, and deploy in the cloud, but the high and growing cost of most cloud computing platforms can make getting started a challenge. We recognize that every important innovation and every big business starts as something small, so we want to lower the barriers for bringing new innovations and businesses into existence.

As the world's largest privately-held cloud computing company, Vultr is committed to help drive innovation by offering free cloud instances to eligible applicants.


Who is eligible for the Free Tier program?

Anyone is eligible to apply for access to for our Free Tier program.

We try to ensure that our resources are helping real people and real businesses to solve real problems. To reduce the risk of automated bots and abuse, you will be asked to provide information during the sign up process about you and your intended use. The more information you provide, the more certain we can be that you aren’t a bot.

We don’t share our verification process, even when an account has not met the criteria for access.