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Infinite possibilities

Vultr instances allow you to mount your own Custom ISO and run through the boot & setup process as you would on a bare metal server. Also, with direct console access available in the customer portal, you can customize your install even when network connectivity on the instance is not available.

Customize once, create a snapshot, and re-deploy

While using the Custom ISO feature, you don’t always have to run through the setup process of your operating system to deploy more servers. Take advantage of our snapshot feature to create an image of your deployed server and quickly launch more instances with the same setup in any of our points of presence around the world!

Upload ISO

Increase troubleshooting possibilities

Custom ISO adds some new options in your administrator toolbox when the underlying operating system gets corrupted/unbootable after kernel customization and other non-standard system upgrades. With the Vultr platform, this feature ensures your data is not automatically lost! Browse Vultr Docs and learn how you can upload your own rescue ISO to recover your data and fix your system configuration.

Available in 15 Cities

Upload your own ISO is available in every location the Vultr platform is available! Spanning 4 continents, your custom ISO upload can be mounted in any of our 15 cities in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.
Los Angeles
Silicon Valley
New Jersey

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