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Chevereto is a self-hosted multipurpose multi-user, full-featured image sharing solution. It can be used to create a myriad of applications or to empower existing systems, all around the concept of users sharing image content.


This is the Chevereto Vultr Marketplace application, it provides Chevereto-Free auto installed.

For ahead releases check our pricing.

🦚 Chevereto Server Details

Chevereto will be on "Ready to install" step at this URL:


If it reads "Connect to the database" then refresh the web page until you see "Ready to install"

After you finish the installation, your Chevereto website will be accessible at:


This is an Apache HTTP server based provisioning. PHP runs with mod_php using mpm_prefork. You can run Chevereto under any configuration, check our documentation for more information.

🔑 Credentials

The database credentials are at /var/www/html/app/settings.php.

The following database credentials have been used:

  • Type: MySQL
  • Name: chevereto
  • Username: chevereto
  • Password: Database password

🚧 Extra-steps

  • Install certbot for HTTPS support (follow Apache instructions)
  • Secure MySQL by running mysql_secure_installation
  • Read our documentation
  • Join our community


Chevereto can update itself, simply open http://use.your.ip/dashboard and click "check for updates".

🌠 Upgrade

Upgrade to Chevereto (paid) edition at http://use.your.ip/dashboard by clicking the "upgrade" button.

La versión española del presente sitio web es una traducción realizada únicamente con fines informativos, y la versión inglesa prevalecerá.