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Vultr Web Console FAQ

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 28, 2020
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The Vultr web console is similar to sitting in front of a physical machine when network access is not possible. All major browsers support the web console, but it is not a full replacement for SSH or Remote Desktop clients. The web console is useful for server troubleshooting, credential resets, network configuration, and quickly checking the VPS state.

How to Access the Web Console

  1. Navigate to your Customer Portal.
  2. Click Products
  3. Click on your instance.
  4. Click the View Console icon in the upper-right.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the console support copy and paste?

No. The web console does not support copy and paste.

While typing my password, no characters appear.

Characters are not echoed to the screen when entering passwords on Linux and Unix servers. This behavior also occurs with native SSH clients.

My password does not work.

If you do not have a US keyboard, you may see incorrect characters while typing or have trouble with your password. The web console expects a US keyboard and an English layout. When using the web console, temporarily install a US keyboard or switch your input language to English and then use the on-screen keyboard.

My console will not open, I can't log in.

A blue screen with the Vultr logo indicates that the server is not running. Please reboot your server and try again.


If you see a gray screen with the Server disconnected message, you should restart your server.


You may see a completely black screen. Try pressing ENTER a few times to wake up the server. You may have something running on the console that has blanked the screen. You can also try CTRL + C to interrupt the server.

If a reboot doesn't resolve the issue:

The web console doesn't work on my mobile device.

The web console has known issues with mobile devices, even if using an external keyboard. For example, the iPad space bar doesn't work correctly. Please try a desktop computer and browser.

Can I change the screen resolution?

The web console screen resolution is limited. You should use a remote desktop client on Windows to get the highest display settings and better performance. Likewise, a native SSH client will also work better.

What are my alternatives to the web console?

The web console is meant for diagnostic and recovery tasks when the VPS is not available through the network. A native SSH client or a remote desktop client for Windows are better options. These methods provide full features like copy/paste and international keyboard support.

SSH Clients

Windows users can access SSH through PowerShell or cmd.exe. Linux and macOS users can access SSH through the terminal.

C:\> ssh

For GUI access to SSH, we recommend:

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Clients

Microsoft Remote Desktop is available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Remmina and Xrdp are two popular options for Linux users.

RDP Icon


The Vultr Web Console is a tool for basic tasks, limited by the browser capabilities of HTML5 and JavaScript. It is not a replacement for native applications in daily use.

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