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Vultr VPS Snapshots Quickstart Guide

Last Updated: Tue, Apr 14, 2020
Quickstart Guides System Admin

Snapshots are an effective way to make a complete "backup" of your server. You won't be able to restore individual files, but rather the whole server. This tutorial explains how to use the snapshot feature on Vultr.

Before we can restore a snapshot, we need to create one.

Step 1: Creating a snapshot

Log in to My Vultr and click "Manage" next to the server you want to create a snapshot from. Click the tab "Snapshots", then give your snapshot a name. Click on the blue button "Take Snapshot". You will receive the following message:

Snapshots are currently free during the beta period.

Click "OK" to continue. You will now see the following message:

Snapshot in progress

Wait for the snapshot to finish, by refreshing the Snapshots page from time to time and looking at the "Status" column (this will be Pending if it's being created).

When the snapshot has finished, the status will be Available and you can now create a new server with your snapshot!

Step 2: Restoring a snapshot

In order to restore a snapshot, you will need to create a new server with that snapshot selected. In order to restore a snapshot, log in to My Vultr and click "Deploy" in the menu or "Deploy New Instance".

You can choose your server type, location. At operating system, select "Snapshot" instead of an actual OS. Now, click your snapshot in the dropdown. You can identify snapshots as the format is ID - description. The description will be the hostname of your server. Make sure that you use an equal or bigger disk size that the snapshot was created from. Say you created a snapshot of a server with a 45 GB, you can only restore the snapshot to a server with a 45 GB disk or more.

You can now select your plan and optional features. Once you've confirmed everything is correct and you've chosen your snapshot as your OS, click "Place Order".

A new VPS will be launched based on your snapshot. Once it boots, it will be ready for use. If you need to make networking changes, see this guide.

Step 3: Removing your snapshot

To remove your snapshot, log in to My Vultr and click "Snapshots". This will not delete your server, but just your snapshot.

Find the snapshot of your server you want to delete and click the red button "Delete". If asked for confirmation, click "OK" after making sure all of your data is safe. Deleting a snapshot is permanent and data cannot be restored after deleting it.

You will then see the message:

Snapshot Deleted

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