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Vultr Object Storage FAQ

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 6, 2020
FAQ Vultr Object Storage


Vultr Object Storage is an S3-compatible, highly scalable solution for storing large quantities of files. Our architecture was designed from the ground up to provide high redundancy and data durability, and backed by blazing fast NVMe caching to make sure you have the best storage performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for object storage?

Please see our pricing page for up-to-date information.

Is Vultr Object Storage S3-compatible?

Yes, Vultr Object Storage is our S3-compatible object storage solution.

How do I use object storage on my instances?

Files (objects) can be transferred to Vultr Object Storage directly from Vultr instances with an S3-compatible tool or SDK. See our Vultr Object Storage documentation and our s3cmd setup guide.

How is object storage different from block storage?

Block storage provides mountable disk volumes for Vultr VPS instances. Object storage offers an internet-accessible endpoint where files can be stored and retrieved via HTTPS.

Can anyone access my files?

Files (objects) transferred to object storage are private by default. You need a secret key to access them. Some tools allow you to change permissions to make objects, files, and buckets public. Be sure to check your tool's documentation and understand how it interacts with object storage.

Is there a request limit (rate limit)?

Yes, the limit is 400 requests-per-second, per IP address. If you exceed this limit, your requests will receive HTTP error code 429.

Does object storage have a caching feature?

Yes, object storage is backed by NVMe caching for frequently accessed objects. The cache is not user-controllable.

Can I use my domain with object storage?

No, we do not support using a white-labeled FQDN for object storage. You must use the FQDN provided in our documentation.

Can I use object storage as a mounted filesystem?

No. Do not attempt to use object storage as a block device. The overhead of HTTP calls severely hinders performance. We do not recommend, nor will we provide support for this use.

Is object storage included in the Cloudflare Bandwidth Alliance?

No, the Cloudflare Bandwidth Alliance program does not include object storage traffic.

I closed my subscription but want to reuse a bucket name. How long must I wait?

Object storage cleanup can take up to 48 hours to complete from the time you close your subscription. Please wait for storage cleanup before reusing bucket names.

Does Vultr provide API access to Object Storage?

Yes, the Vultr API offers several endpoints to manage Object Storage.

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