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Vultr Marketplace

Last Updated: Thu, Jul 15, 2021
Vultr Marketplace


Vultr Marketplace is a platform for vendors to publish custom applications on Vultr's infrastructure. As a vendor, you can control the OS, application software, and post-deployment scripts. Vultr Marketplace also allows you to create a custom landing page, publish your support information, upload screenshots and icons, configure application variables, and more. Would you like to publish your app in the Vultr Marketplace? You'll find our application to join the Vultr Marketplace here.


If you need help publishing your application, please open a support ticket and include Vultr Marketplace in your request. We will direct your request to the Marketplace team for assistance.

Vultr Marketplace Process Overview

This is a high-level overview of the Vultr Marketplace build process, with links to documentation for that step.

  1. Create a vendor account and update your contact information.
  2. Create a new application profile with information about your application, such as name, operating system, and a short description.
  3. Update the general information, application icons, and app category.
  4. Update the support contact information.
  5. If you need Vultr to automatically generate random passwords for your application, such as database users or app logins, create application variables. (optional)
  6. Create the application instructions shown to customers when they deploy your app. You can also include your generated application variables and the instance's IP address. See our formatting tips for more information.
  7. Upload your application screenshots and featured images to display on your application landing page.
  8. Verify your application meets the Marketplace software requirements. Our GitHub repository has helper scripts and examples.
  9. Create your provisioning scripts. If you defined any application variables, you'd implement them here.
  10. Create a snapshot of your application. We have a sample cleanup script in GitHub to prepare your images for publishing.
  11. Assign your snapshot as a Vultr Marketplace build. Marketplace apps can have multiple builds attached for testing purposes.
  12. Choose one of your application builds to publish as the released version in the Vultr Marketplace.

Code Examples and Helper Scripts

We have published several examples in our GitHub Repository. You'll find:

All of these examples leverage the functions in our Marketplace helper script.

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