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Vultr Marketplace Builds

Last Updated: Fri, May 28, 2021
Vultr Marketplace

If you are new to the Vultr Marketplace, please see the documentation overview to get started.


The Vultr Marketplace Builds tab is where you assign a prepared snapshot of the application. This guide describes the functions of the Builds tab.

Create a Vultr Marketplace Image

  1. Click the Vultr Marketplace icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu of the customer portal.
  2. Click the Builds tab.
  3. Select a snapshot for your application. If you haven't created one yet, see our guide to prepare a Vultr Marketplace snapshot.
  4. Click Build App Image.

    Build App Image

    The Vultr Marketplace takes your snapshot and builds it into an App Image.

  5. Click the Version link. Enter a version number to identify this image. Notice that the Status is Not Live. You can have multiple images assigned to your application, but only one will be published as the Live image. Images in Not Live status are not visible to the public.

    Set image version

  6. Click the Actions icon.

    Publish Image

    Choose an action:

    • Publish Image: Set the image to Live status.
    • Delete Image: Remove this image from the application. This does not delete the associated snapshot.
    • Deploy Image: Test an image deployment before publishing it in Live status. Make sure to test your image before making the app public.

    To choose a different live version, use the Actions icon to unpublish the current Live image first.

    Screenshot of deploy option

Test the Image

After adding your image to the app, use the Deploy Image option to test it. This allows you to deploy images before marking them "Live" or making them public.

Screenshot of deploy option

When you click Deploy Image, you'll be redirected to the Vultr deployment page, with your private image selected. You'll see your version number in the app selection. For example, if your app is named "Debian 10 Test", and you set the version to "Internal Test 3", you'll see this selected on the deployment page:

Screenshot of deploy option

Next Steps

After you assign the live build, use the publication settings to make your app publicly available.

More Information

This guide is part of the Vultr Marketplace documentation. Please see the documentation overview for more information.

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