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Vultr Marketplace Application Instructions

Last Updated: Tue, May 25, 2021
Vultr Marketplace

If you are new to the Vultr Marketplace, please see the documentation overview to get started.


This guide describes how to edit your application instructions. Application instructions are shown to customers when they deploy a Vultr Marketplace app, and should have technical "getting started" instructions and embedded password variables. This should not be confused with the Readme, which has general information for the application landing page.

Note: If you do not add application instructions, the Vultr Marketplace will use your Readme instead, so the customer does not have blank information when deploying an app.

Create Application Instructions

  1. Click the Marketplace icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu of the customer portal.
  2. Click the App Instructions tab.
  3. Enter the customer instructions for your application on Markdown format.
  4. If you created application variables, display those values here by placing them in backticks and double braces.

👋 See our formatting tips for Readme and App Instructions.

More about Password Variables

Variables are expanded when placed in double braces. Backticks are required for password variables, to prevent special characters from being interpreted incorrectly as Markdown. For example, if your variable is named web_password, you can display the variable in your instructions like this:


In addition, you can display two standard variables, which always exist and do not need to be pre-defined:

  • {{ip}} is the primary IPv4 for the instance.
  • `{{root_password}}` is the root password.

The {{ip}} variable is a special case. It does not need to be guarded with backticks because IP addresses do not contain any characters that are interpreted as Markdown.

Here's an example instruction page that demonstrates correct Markdown formatting:

    # Example Application

    Your application is ready!

    * Your server's IP address is: {{ip}.
    * The root password is: `{{root_password}}`.

    Connect to your web server at [**https://{{ip}}/**](https://{{ip}}/).

    * Your webserver username is: **demo**.
    * Your webserver password is: `{{web_pass}}`.

    The MySQL root password is: `{{db_pass}}`.

In addition to this type of basic login and password information, you can upload images and provide hyperlinks to other resources.

Next Steps

After saving your application's instructions, upload gallery images for the landing page.

More Information

This guide is part of the Vultr Marketplace documentation. Please see the documentation overview for more information.

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You could earn up to $600 by adding new articles.