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Vultr Kubernetes Engine Changelog

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 20, 2021

Vultr Kubernetes Engine (VKE) is a fully managed Kubernetes product with predictable pricing. When you deploy VKE, you'll get a managed Kubernetes control plane that includes our Cloud Controller Manager (CCM) and the Container Storage Interface (CSI).

This page lists important changes for each version we support in VKE.
Historical changelogs for archived versions are available below.

1.20.11+2 (October 22 2021)

  • Improvements to the Kubernetes control plane for further stability and security.

1.20.11+1 (September 22 2021)

  • Bumped Konnectivity to v0.0.24 (server + agent)
  • Bumped CCM to v0.0.3
  • Bumped all k8 services from 1.20.0 to 1.20.11
  • Konnectivity and Kube API Server performance tuning

1.20.0+1 (August 19 2021)

  • Konnectivity Support : Provides a TCP level proxy for the control plane to cluster communication
  • Aggregation Layer Support : Allows Kubernetes to be extended with additional APIs, beyond what is offered by the core Kubernetes APIs
  • Added NFS and CIFS support
  • Added new Storage Class "WaitForFirstConsumer"


Initial release.

Archived Versions

Versions listed here are no longer available for deployment. Changelogs are available for historical information.

No versions are archived at this time.

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