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Trusted Author Program

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 1, 2020
Vultr Docs

Are you serious about writing and have a passion for technology? Apply to the Trusted Author Program!

What Is It?

We receive many customer requests for new documentation and updates to older articles. At the same time, many authors ask for suggestions on what to write for Vultr Docs. We designed the Trusted Author Program to match writing assignments with subject-matter experts.

Why Should I Join?

We will send qualifying authors suggested topics, our team will work with you on article outlines, and you'll receive authorship credit on our website. We are planning other program benefits, so watch our news page for future announcements. There's no better time to join, so please apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've applied! What's the next step?

Thank you! Our team will contact you after we've reviewed your application. If you have feedback about the application process or any questions, please open a General Support ticket and mention Vultr Docs in the subject.

Do you offer free test instances?

While we don't offer free test machines, we hope that won't be an obstacle. We have these suggestions:

  • You can test many articles on local hardware with free virtualization software.
  • Vultr VPS instances are compatible with QEMU. You can simulate our environment on your hardware and import the image to Vultr if it needs final testing.
  • If your article requires a cloud server to test, our instances are inexpensive and billed by the hour. Running a 25 GB SSD instance for two days—which is about the length of time needed to write an article worth up to $300—costs less than 34 cents. Our IPv6-only instances are less than 1/2 cent per hour and suitable for many testing tasks.

Can I Write for Vultr Without Joining?

Sure! Being selected for the Trusted Author Program isn't required to write for Vultr Docs; we accept unsolicited articles, and the payment levels are the same.

More Resources

We recommend these resources if you'd like to learn more about writing for Vultr Docs.

Want to contribute?

You could earn up to $300 by adding new articles