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Program Guidelines

Last revised 10/17/2017
  • Submission rules

    • You understand that Vultr team members may make changes to your article to improve readability.
    • You must submit the article using the same email address that is used with your Vultr account.
  • Payments and rates

    • Your account will be reviewed for payment eligibility. Payment will only be made to active Vultr accounts that have been previously funded (from within the Vultr control panel).
    • New, original topics written with 1500+ words (excluding code) are eligible for $300.00.
    • New, original topics written with 750+ words (excluding code) are eligible for $150.00.
    • New, original topics written with less than 750 words (excluding code) are eligible for $75.00.
    • Ports of existing topics to a different OS/platform are eligible for up to $75.00.
    • Payment rate will be reduced on articles that require lots of corrections.
    • For PayPal payouts, your PayPal account must allow you to receive payments. We do not process PayPal requests (to Vultr) or donation pages.
  • Writing requirements

    • No advertising any paid services.
    • No mentioning of other providers offering similar services to Vultr.
    • Outside URLs are used as minimally as possible.
    • Articles are submitted in the English language with proper spelling and grammar.
    • Content that you submit is original, it must not be published on other websites, other communities, or other knowledge archives.
    • In most cases, we do not publish two articles on the same topic. Topics are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Ports of existing topics to a different OS/platform must be written in this format.
  • Writing tips

    • Users reading your articles are primarily interested in server administration and applications.
    • Your instructions should work on a new virtual server. Readers will be testing them step-by-step.
    • When writing a guide for an operating system, target a specific version such as "Ubuntu 16.04". Commands go stale over time, and targeting an OS family like "Ubuntu" causes frustration when guides do not work.
    • When you need to use a domain name or IP address in your article, try to use one from the list below.
    • The "Article Tutorial" on this page contains examples of text formatting.
    • Read through some published Vultr Docs to understand acceptable guide formats.
    • Rather than writing paragraphs on common tasks, such as "How to add a sudo user", reference an article from our reference articles page.
  • Banned topic list

    • How to bypass or "crack" licensing systems of applications.
    • Peer-to-peer sharing guides, for programs such as Bit Torrent, etc.
    • Anonymous surfing guides, for programs such as Tor, Shadowsocks, etc.
    • LAMP stacks or LEMP stacks for any platform.
    • Game guides focusing on SteamCMD installation. Game guides should have a basic synposis of how to install the game, but contain information about using and customizing the game server. This article may be referenced.
    • Blockchain and crypto currencies.
    • Guides that require virtualization technologies (VirtualBox, VMWare, KVM, XEN, etc.). Nested virtualization is not supported on Vultr.
  • Example domains and IP addresses

    • When an example IP address or domain name is needed in your article, please use one from this list.
    • Any IPv4 addresses in blocks,, and
    • Any IPv6 addresses in block 2001:0db8::/32.
    • The domains,,, or anydomain.example.

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