Setting up ClamFS and ClamAV on Ubuntu

Published on: Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 6:55 am EST
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ClamAV is a free and open-source antivirus suite. When planning a security strategy for your server, you may want to consider running an antivirus to protect your server.

Before we begin

  • Execute all commands as root in this tutorial (or sudo).
  • ClamAV is open-source and is not as powerful as other antivirus suites.

Install ClamAV

Install the ClamAV engine.

 apt-get install clamav

Update the virus database. This should be done on a regular interval to detect new types of malware.


Install ClamFS

ClamAV is an antivirus engine, however it can't do real-time scans by itself. We will use ClamFS for these types of scans.

 apt-get install clamfs clamav-daemon

Setup ClamFS

Run these commands to configure ClamFS.

 mkdir /clamfs /clamfs/secure
 chmod 777 /clamfs /clamfs/secure
 gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/clamfs/clamfs-sample.xml.gz > /clamfs/config.xml
 nano /clamfs/config.xml

In config.xml, replace:

<filesystem root="/tmp" mountpoint="/clamfs/tmp" public="yes" />


<filesystem root="/your/target/dir" mountpoint="/clamfs/secure" public="yes" />

Start ClamFS

Run the ClamFS process.

 clamfs /clamfs/config.xml

While its running, every file that goes to /clamfs/secure will scanned by ClamAV. If a file is detected as "clean", it will moved to its target directory.

For example, you can protect the Downloads folder by updating the configuration file again. In config.xml, replace:

<filesystem root="/tmp" mountpoint="/clamfs/tmp" public="yes" />


<filesystem root="/home/username/Downloads" mountpoint="/clamfs/secure" public="yes" />

Then, in your browser, change the download folder to: /clamfs/secure.

Congratulations, you have completed installing ClamAV and ClamFS on your server.

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