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Vultr's Request for Article (RFA) System

Last Updated: Wed, Mar 24, 2021
Vultr Docs

When we discover out of date articles in our library, we mark them for update in our Request for Article system.

How to Find RFAs

Vultr Trusted Authors looking for article assignments can search for our update requests via this link.

How to Request an Assignment

If you are interested in updating an article, please contact us for an assignment:

  1. Review the program guidelines and the style guide.
  2. Join the Vultr Trusted Author program.
  3. Request the article assignment using this form. We will contact you with more information about the article specifics and our internal notes.
    • Include Request for Article and the RFA ID number in the Request topic.
    • Include your name and email address so we may contact you.
    • Include any information that may help us select the best candidate for the assignment.

Submission Process

When your article is ready to submit:


I wrote an article but didn't request an assignment. What do I do?

Thank you for writing the article. Please do not submit it until you have requested an assignment and we have discussed the article specifics.

Can I request multiple articles?

We make one assignment per author at a time.

Publication and Payment

Responding to an open RFA or accepting an RFA assignment does not create any obligation by Vultr to publish your article. We may ask you to make changes or corrections, or the team may decline to publish your article without a detailed explanation. We determine payment according to our payment guidelines and article quality after the review is complete.

Want to contribute?

You could earn up to $300 by adding new articles