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IP Filter Quickstart Guide

Last Updated: Mon, Apr 13, 2020
Quickstart Guides Security System Admin

IP Filter (commonly referred to as ipf) is an open-source firewall available on several operating systems, including FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Solaris. IPFILTER is included in the basic FreeBSD install as a kernel loadable module. This quickstart guide provides a few helpful commands and techniques to assist debugging IPFilter.

Start ipf

# service ipfilter start

View the active packet filtering ruleset

ipfstat -io

Remove all filtering rules from the ruleset

ipf -F a

Stop ipf

# service ipfilter stop

Example: Allow SSH, deny all other

Add the following to /etc/ipf.conf for a trivial firewall that blocks everything except SSH (port 22) for an example IP

block in on any all
pass in quick on any proto tcp from any to port = 22 keep state

More Information

See the ipf documentation for more details.

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