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How to Install Axigen on Debian Wheezy

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 23, 2016
Debian Linux Guides System Admin


In this guide we'll learn how to setup the Axigen Mail-Server ( Version 10.0.0 ) on our Debian Wheezy ( this guide might also work for Jessie ) machine. Axigen is a powerful, award-winning Windows and Linux mail server. A free version with some limitations is offered, but for personal usage the free version is fine.

Get your License

Before we can start setting up / installing Axigen, we have to get our free license from their website. Visit their official site and obtain a free license. The license will be sent to you over E-Mail as file. We'll learn later how to apply our license to our installation.

Download the Installer

After we have received our license, we can download the Axigen Mail-Server Installer.



The installation itself is pretty easy and there are no additional steps required, we only have to run the installer.

chmod o+x


The installer might ask us some questions, we will answer them to fit our needs.


Once the installer is done installing the mail-server, we have to start it before we can do any configuration.

/etc/init.d/axigen start

Now we can open the administration panel under:


Add our license

Because we don't want to use the 30-day-free-trial license, we have to add / upload our own license.

Go to the "Dashboard" page on your admin-panel and click on the button called VIEW LICENSE INFO. We have a button there which allows us to upload our own license. Click this button, select the license which Axigen sent you over E-Mail and enjoy your brand-new mailserver running Axigen!


Axigen is a great mail-server, even for personal and business usage. If you are unhappy with your current mail server, consider evaluating Axigen.

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