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Vultr Bare Metal Servers

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 11, 2022


Vultr Bare Metal gives you a dedicated, single-tenant environment to power your most resource-intensive workloads. You have access to the underlying physical server without virtualization, and the server hardware is 100% yours, with no noisy neighbors. There are zero shared resources and no metered CPU and IOPS resource limits. Vultr Bare Metal is a true single-tenant environment without the management overhead of traditional dedicated servers.

Bare Metal Locations

Every Bare Metal server includes a burstable network connection to bring low-latency, high-speed throughput closer to your users. Bare Metal is available in the following locations:




North America

Feature Comparison

Intel E3-1270v6 Intel E-2286G Intel E-2288G AMD EPYC 7443P
CPU Speed 3.8Ghz 4.0GHz 3.7GHz 2.85Ghz
4 cores, 8 threads 6 cores, 12 threads 8 cores, 16 threads 24 cores, 48 threads
Storage 2 x 240GB SSD 2 x 960GB SSD 2 x 2TB NVMe 2 x 480GB SSD
2 x 1.9TB NVMe
Memory 32GB RAM 32GB RAM 128GB RAM 256GB RAM
Bandwidth 5TB / Month 10TB / Month 10TB / Month 10TB / Month
Network 10GbE Ethernet 10GbE Ethernet 10GbE Ethernet 25GbE Ethernet
API Plan ID vbm-4c-32g vbm-6c-32g vbm-8c-132gb vbm-24c-256gb-amd

Plan-Specific Information

Intel-based Plans

These plans use Supermicro servers with Intel processors. They have two physical storage devices that you can configure as individual volumes or combined as a software RAID 1 array when deploying Linux servers. Windows servers do not support software RAID on the initial deployment, but you can configure software RAID in Windows device manager. In addition, our Intel-based plans allow you to burst speeds up to 10 Gigabit.

AMD Plan

This plan uses Dell servers with AMD processors. AMD servers have two SSD volumes you can configure with or without RAID on Linux servers, plus two raw NVMe devices you can format and use as needed. Windows servers do not support software RAID on the initial deployment, but you can configure software RAID in Windows device manager. AMD-based Bare Metal servers allow you to burst speeds up to 25 Gigabit.

Vultr Marketplace and Bare Metal

Some, but not all Vultr Marketplace applications support RAID 1 on Bare Metal. This is a vendor-specific option, and not all vendors support RAID.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for my instances?

All servers on your account are billed hourly up to the monthly rate cap. The hourly rate is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 672 hours (28 days). Therefore, if your server is online for more than 672 hours in a calendar month, you will only be billed the monthly rate. Accumulated charges are invoiced to your account on the 1st of every month.

Do you charge for stopped bare metal servers?

Yes, servers in a "stopped" state continue to reserve the machine for your use and therefore incur charges until you release this server. If you wish to no longer accumulate charges for a server, please use the DESTROY button in the customer portal.

How do bare metal instances differ from compute instances?

Bare Metal instances offer direct access to dedicated servers with no noisy neighbors. Compared to compute instances which are deployed in a virtualized cloud environment, Bare Metal grants you unrestricted access to the underlying physical servers making these servers suitable for even the most resource intensive workloads.

What operating system templates do you offer?

We offer many Linux and Windows options. We do not offer OpenBSD or FreeBSD images for Vultr Bare Metal. Use our iPXE boot feature if you need to install a custom operating system.

Which cloud features does bare metal currently support?

Vultr Bare Metal supports a wide range of our Vultr cloud features, including:

  • All stock operating system images
  • Startup scripts
  • SSH key preloading
  • Private networking on compatible, current generation Bare Metal nodes is available upon request.
  • You can reserve IP addresses and attach them as additional addresses directly through the customer portal.
  • You can also attach reserved addresses with BGP as floating IPs. The reserved IP:
    • Must not be assigned to any instance or Bare Metal subscription
    • Must be in the same region as the Bare Metal subscription.

These features are unavailable for use with Bare Metal through the customer portal:

  • Vultr Firewall
  • Snapshots
  • Custom ISOs
  • Block Storage

See the article Custom ISO on Bare Metal for a workaround if you need Custom ISOs.

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You could earn up to $600 by adding new articles.