Enterprise Ready Connectivity

Extend your existing corporate network to the Vultr cloud using Vultr Direct Connect! Suitable for both low and high bandwidth workloads, dedicated private connectivity can be leveraged to increase throughput and reduce latency between your network and the Vultr platform.

Network Performance

Increase network performance by managing how your data is routed.

Improved security

Bypass the public internet and improve security for sensitive data.

Reduced costs

Control bandwidth costs by fine tuning the flow of traffic out of your network.

Available Worldwide!

Direct connect is currently available in 7 Locations in Europe, North America, and Asia, with more locations coming soon!

Los Angeles
Silicon Valley
New Jersey

Frequently asked questions.

  • How do I start a direct connect?

    To get started, fill out the Direct Connect form.

    A LOA (letter of authorization) will be provided which you can then use to order a cross-connect from the data center provider.
  • In what locations is this feature available?

    This is available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Silicon Valley, Amsterdam, Singapore, and New Jersey.
  • How do I extend my corporate network from my office to Vultr?

    Vultr Direct Connect ports are currently only available in Vultr Data Centers. You may need to work with a transport provider to offer a physical extension from your location to ours.
  • Are any other options available to reach Vultr Direct Connect?

    Please open a ticket if you require other connection options. We're excited to provide connectivity via providers such as PacketFabric and Megaport in the near future.
  • Can I use this to connect to my instance's private network?

    Yes, but you will only be able to connect to private networks within the same locations as your physical connections.

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